Saturday, January 8, 2011

pinstriped power hammer

on an older post you can find a toolbox I pinstriped for Mr. James. About 8 years ago, maybe 9-during the whole heyday of Monster Garage etc., I spent a good part of the summer pinstriping anything and everything over at West Coast Choppers, excet the bikes those were all done offsite. Jesse approached me about working full time down there but I declined, choosing instead to stay in college to pursue my educational carreer. Looking back this was a lot of fun and I very grateful to Chopperdave for hooking me up with the gig.

this hammer can be yours now!


  1. wild.. cool stripes!
    people go crazy over the eckolds.
    wonder if any Yoders will come up for sale...

  2. Smart move. Staying in collage and getting a education.