Saturday, January 8, 2011

New for 2011!!!!

Hey true believers! Now available from Freedom Machinery and Accessories is the only gasket for the Knucklehead "Top-Tin" designed not to leak! Necessity being the mother of invention, this case was no exception. During the course of my Knuckleheads' rebuild at Alonzo's "Quality Cycle" shop, it was determined that the paper gaskets were not going to cut it(chrome plating and polishing takes their toll on these thin tins) to seal up the top-tins, so the ever resourceful Alonzo scratched his flow-bee'd noggin for a minute and came up with these rubberized cork babies. Guess what? they work great!! With the prototypes on the road and the patent process started these are now in production by us for sale to you. On all of our FMA products, when you the "Quality Cycles components" stamp know that they hae been developed by FMA in conjunction with Alonzo to provide a better solution to hassles of the past so you can have a smooth ride Mr. Bandit.
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I know there are a lot of leaky Knuckles out there. . .CLICK HERE to buy