Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Epic Day

(EDITOR's NOTE: Welcome Jeff Leighton to theFMA blog!!!)
This past December i was lucky enough to travel to Japan for the Mooneyes Yokohama Custom show with some of the nicest people i know and that im honored to get to call my friends. A small group of us stayed a few extra days and did some traveling around and got to spend some time with some amazing people. One day of the trip sticks out in my mind more then anything else. Hereare a few pictures from that day

It started with our friend Naao picking me and Harpoon up at our hotel to drive from Osaka to Nagoya. Harpoon and I thought we were going to just get on the road but Naao had some other plans. We became Naao's models for the next hour or so
Enjoying some Coke

In front of the Famous Osaka runner. We never could figure out why this was famous but Naao said it was
Harpoon and I doing our best impression of the Osaka runner, who was all ready for Christmas
Making this hall look really small

Here we are standing in front of this amazing place where you can fish inside for prices, think skee ball but with fishing instead

After we ate we go into the car and drove to Nagoya were we got to hang out with Yoshiki and the Vice crew
Yoshiki and his store Vice
We took turns riding around in Masato's toyota powered Hot Rod as we toured Nagoya
Grant R. , QP and I trying to take in everything in Yoshiki's amazing garage
And then we ended up here, We ate huge amounts of amazing food, and had a night that im sure no one who was there will forget.
Thank you Harpoon,Grant, Amy, Grant, and Will for having me along for a great trip. And thanks to Naao, Yoshiki, Masato, Terry, Crazy Tony, Japanese Harpoon, Tokirou, Mox, and the rest of the Vice crew for one of the best days of my life


  1. Jeff--Glad you made it to the blogosphere. Can't wait to see your knuck when it's finished. Here's what I'm doing with that vl you sold me a while back.