Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jerry says

don't be sad, Gilligan got off the island.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

more Yokohama

It's raining in SoCal

and cold, right around 60, maybe high 50s (just rubbing it in).

Listen to Black Sabbath today!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Born-Free 2 Hand Screened Poster

Harpoon whipped up a bunch of these Born-Free 2 posters for us to take to Japan. He does these the old school way, hand cut amberlithe lettering, followed by pulling the colors by hand. We have some left and will have them for sale whenever you see us at an event. When we figure out the sponsors for Born-Free 2010, we'll be doing another poster with all the logos that we'll sell online. Pass it on!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Big Man and his Big Machine

Jason is right at home on his new cone shovel long bike, this pic by Josh says it all! I think everything is gonna be alright.

I heard

That this beaut' is for sale...

X Xmas show at the Wiltern

The QP and i went and picked up Mrs. Zoom (AKA Cari) and we carpooled to LA for the X Christmas show with another band i really like, Calexico, which was an odd pair for a show, but who am i to complain! We ran into a bunch of friends there and i got to drink the band's beer backstage (always a plus) before the QP and i went into the balcony to watch Calexico. They were in full numbers (band membership is kind of a revolving door) and had some amazing people playing with them like this older mexican dude dressed in black stomping on a wooden box with ,i assume, a mic under it while shaking any number of percusive tools, i think everyone there was impressed with this guy alone! And he could sing! The sound was really good and while i don't usually like sitting down and watching bands play, actually i most always hate it, they are one of the few you can do it with. Calexico is definately has a southwest flavor of spaghetti western/mariachi/psych and they have a bazillion albums, but start with The Black Light if you want to buy one, or download, or whatever you kids do these days. I have it on LP...

Afterward we went back stage to wake Billy up from his nap before X went on. We hung out on the side of the stage with Cari and enjoyed their set from the band's point of view. It was funny to watch the would-be moshers try and get a pit going and then fizzle out after about 45 seconds with exhuasted faces, i guess even punks get old!
X even had two X-mas numbers that everyone enjoyed. I think you can even download them from itunes or the X website. Good times! X is one of the few bands from "back in the day" that still sound like they did then or at least like their records. Even though they have a few years under their belts now, they aren't cheesey.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

and we all know what love is...

All we need is love

In case you haven't heard, our buddy Jeremiah of Love Cycles fame is having a 1 year anniversary show/party/hullabaloo at the shop in Phoenix January 16, 2010. We are proud to sponsor the show and hope to get our act together enough to ride out with the Born-Chino pack.

Raffle Panhead Rendering

Our Born-Free partner Mike Davis's guy that just did him some killer BORN LOSER T-shirt designs threw down this killer rendering of the Born-Free Panhead we'll be raffling off June 12, 2010. You have to be present at the show to win SO BE THERE!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Yokohama pics

I'm still going through them all. These are from before the show when we all went over to the Mooneyes storage garage where all the bikes were kept once they got the Japan. At this point most everyone hadn't seen their bikes in probably a month and a half. They were pulled out of the garage, fired up, warmed up, followed by hot laps up and down the road, before finally all riding over to the convention center. Adam Wright and i hung out the back of the Moon Buggy and shot while Toru from Moon ran the video camera.

Califonia Panheads...

More Freakin' Four

You asked for it. Here's some of my shots of it from the show.

In this side shot you can see the wave pattern and the freak dots inside the lettering.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

HOODIES are On Sale!

Until Xmas, hoodies are $40 instead of $45! Get one for yourself, you deserve it!

You Zig, He Zags

Harpoon busted out this rightous pink pearl with magenta flames Sporty tank complete with a Zig Zag man fade on the top. Bolt on and go. Email for more info