Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the aftermath

Back to "normal life".
Born-Free is over, what a trip. Thanks to everyone that made it what it was, one for the ages. Before i get carried away, i want to let all those who bought FMA stuff online recently, we are getting to you now! Had to sideline you during Born-Free, but we can't do it without you either, so thanks!

Some people can't believe Mike and I do the show simply because we love it. There are no ulterior motives, no sneaky closed door dealings, no plot to take over anything, or get rich. I know as things get bigger you get both more support and more resistance. Why? Dunno, human nature i guess. Creating and doing are two of my favorite things in life. Always have been. Hopefully always will be. Only for the sake of making it to the other side of the journey with family, friends, and the experience. I certainly have not managed to figure out how to get rich in my time on this earth, but i have done quite a bit of the things i have set my sights on which as the years go by are just as important.
The people are for me what Born-Free is about. I'd say equally as important as the bikes. Every year we get to meet some of the like minded (usually after the show when we're not going nuts) and one of the people that impressed me the most this year was Michael Lichter. You should be at least semi familiar with the name. He's only the Dave Mann of biker photography. When i first saw him stroll through the main road at Born-Free he had about 100 pounds of cameras and gear on him and my initial reaction was "whoa, overachiever!". He's not a big guy either and i watched him pop up here and there and he didn't stop for 3 days. Day and night he shot photos. Even after i left the sunday BBQ at hills he stayed up and reportedly shot party goers until the wee hours of the morning. Documenting the places they chose (or not) to call it a night around Wil's house, garage, and i'm sure surrounding areas.
Michael, it was a pleasure to meet you and it is very apparent to me why you are the best at what you do...because you love it and work harder than anyone else. Inspiring. Talk to you soon.
I tried to stay out of Michael's lens with my lens as much as possible, but i snapped this when he stopped for a split second to eat (much later than the rest of us i might ad).

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mellow end to a righteous day

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Born-Free is 48 hours away!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, we have been working non-stop getting Born-Free ready for all of you this saturday at 10am! Hopefully you know by now to check the BORN-FREE BLOG for all the pertinent show info including location and times, the knucklehead, etc. For those of you that procratinated for 8 months on buying a poster/ticket for the knucklehead, your only option is to get in line early on Saturday...we are not holding knucklehead posters/tickets for ANYONE. They are first come first served...AND REMEMBER YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!

For those of you that put off getting a camping spot...well...not sure what to tell you now, but there is rumor that Santiago RV park might have room.

Vendors and invited builders, your setup is Friday from 10am-6pm and Saturday from 5:30-8:30am. We have to have all vendors setup for a fire marshal walk through at 8:30.'s been a crazy 8 months since we started planning this years show and it'll be here this weekend, what a ride! there are already people from all over the country, Brazil, and Japan here that we know of, what a ride this will be! THanks to all that are coming an have supported Born-Free over the last few years!

Monday, June 20, 2011



Hot off the silkscreen press. New packaging for our "knucklehead rocker box tins" gasket set. Stickers are easy and paying for it is cheaper but we like to give you the best product we can that's why we hand print our packaging ourselves. These gaskets are made of rubberized cork and were designed to stop the leaks that are most prevalent in the knucklehead motor. And guess what ? Alonzo's idea was a good one because They work. Otherwise we wouldn't be selling them. Your knucklehead deserves it.

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wild weekend

This past weekend jeff And I went on a ride to the dice party in DES moines via minneapolis. Big thanks to Dave Polgreen for sorting us out with some proper choppers. Here are a few highlights but the best part was all the great people we gotta meet.

The motherland

Reuban with turkey is called a Rachel


Kurpius tire change

Bobbed chief

Sneaky Pete likes splitting the taco lane

Tom Fugles panhead of insanity

Hans' party pan-shovel

Matt Olsen and his 36EL. It's s beautiful thing.

Biplane at the airport for chopperdave

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Man and His Machine

The Harpoon has his panhead back in ruling form. He is a man and can do what he wants

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

T-Bone is baaaay-ack

Our old friend Scott "T-Bone" Jones of NOISE fame is back! He's even eating meat now so he can put some beef into bending bars and such. He started a new blog...CLICK HERE

Speaking of T-Bone, i found this pic i took of my shovel outside his place a few years ago before he built my bars, which i did a tech article in Street Chopper about. Man, had a lot of good times on this bike in all it's different forms over the years. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

doin it

It's always nice to meet new people heavy into what they are doing. Sometimes it's easy to get weighed down by the local vibe, etc, especially out here in California where the wheels never stop and there are more people than you can shake the ol' stick at.
We met the dudes from Speedmetal in Denver this last January when they brought out their Knucklehead for the Grand National Roadster show. Killer bike, and VERY down to earth and enthusuastic guys. Wish i had more time to hang out with them then.
When we decided to do Born-Free again they were also eagar to help and support something that has meant so much to us and is done out of love (there sure as shit ain't no money in putting on a huge FREE show...). Well, they recently moved into a bigger shop and are settling in and planning their annual Love Thy Chopper


 "Tokyo Breakfast"
This local ivent was opened already a little while ago in Harajuku
which is one of the famous area for shopping.
We gathered in the early morning and had breakfast together.
Mochi of L7 did great job to make such many chopper guys together!!
We all had a really good time.
Thanks Mochi.


Friday, June 10, 2011

RACE? part 2...

almost there...

This is SoCal & Tokyo

Yes, we welcome our Friend Hajime to the FMA blog. Too bad he put a picture of me up instead of himself! Haji has been riding choppers through the streets of Tokyo and beyond for many years. He just so happens to ride with other local chopper nuts like Gaku of Hawgholic and Mochi of L7. Good company for sure!
I met Haji two years ago on my first trip to Japan. Great dude right off the bat and speaks some of the best English of any of my Japanese friends. That year he, Okun, and Mochi lead myself, Gabe, and Harpoon (in the back of Gaku's van) all over Tokyo. I think I took 1200 pictures that day alone.
Since then Haji has been to our house many times and we've been back to Japan and look forward to the time when we can hang out again.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hello from Tokyo. posted by Hajime

My name is Hajime who lives in Tokyo.
I'm a friend of Grant and Harpoon and I'm invited to join this FMA blog.
So, from now on, I'll report what is going on over Tokyo.
Of course it's gonna be about the only chopper things!!
I have clothing shops in Harajuku and Sangenjaya which are both in Tokyo.
Please check out our web shop too.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011



There is a power couple that live way up north, Little Davey and his woman Little Jenny. Jenny is the brians behind the French Toast Wizard, how awesome. I've always had a thing for French Toast, i make a real nice piece of it as well, but i have had to enjoy it (and ranch dressing) from afar the last few years because i am getting fat and old...and not ready to embrace either one yet. But HU-RAY for the Frnch Toast wizard!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So i bought a notchback Mustang a while ago to use as a new project car at work. went to Irwindale a few weeks ago and did some stock base runs...putting a Hellion Turbo kit on it now...gonna try not to push the crank out the oil pan...
Summit Racing came through with a new Simpson Bandit helmet (Harpoon is gonna gold leaf it), SFI jacket, and gloves so we can go back to Irwindale hopefully next thursday after the car goes to Westech to get tuned with the turbo...
I can't believe i own a Fox body Mustang...

Time is running out!

To get your Born-Free 3 Knucklehead poster with Free ticket! Online sales will be cut off June 15th so CLICK HERE to get yours now! For full show details visit

Saturday, June 4, 2011


We are packing up and headed to the Nash's art show in Newport....see you there!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thanks Brandon

So my Shovel motor is at Smokey's place in Long Beach getting rebuilt. It was long overdue and made urgent by the front exhaust valve that was starting to stick more and more...So it is now in the most capable hands i know of. Well, Smokey tries not to use aftermarket parts on anything he can still get original and i needed a new crank pin...he had already honed the barrels for the new pistons, rebuilt the rods, etc, and just needed a crank pin to move forward. I was trying to remain calm but Born-Free is swiftly approaching and i want to get the bike back together and get some gentle break-in miles on it before everyone rolls into town because i'm sure there'll be some riding done with far away friends.
Well, I called Brandon over at Westminster HD and he took the time to find one, ordered it, and i dropped it off to Smokey last night....whew. Thanks Brandon.