Friday, June 10, 2011

This is SoCal & Tokyo

Yes, we welcome our Friend Hajime to the FMA blog. Too bad he put a picture of me up instead of himself! Haji has been riding choppers through the streets of Tokyo and beyond for many years. He just so happens to ride with other local chopper nuts like Gaku of Hawgholic and Mochi of L7. Good company for sure!
I met Haji two years ago on my first trip to Japan. Great dude right off the bat and speaks some of the best English of any of my Japanese friends. That year he, Okun, and Mochi lead myself, Gabe, and Harpoon (in the back of Gaku's van) all over Tokyo. I think I took 1200 pictures that day alone.
Since then Haji has been to our house many times and we've been back to Japan and look forward to the time when we can hang out again.

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