Friday, July 30, 2010


Me and my 1950 FOrd sedan in front of my parent's house right after buying it. I was 18, it was 48.

THese are probably 1999. i was busy. Rebuilt the flathead and got busy with the sawzall and welder. it was my daily. Drove it to California, Vegas, Bakersfield.

My friend Mike Harrington and his '59 Buick. We were freezing our butts off in my parent's driveway after i rebuilt the 364 nailhead. Notice the snow.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

help a downed brother


Joe is a righteous dude, has a sweet chop and knows how to party. we met him out at Born-Free. Solid dude from Hated of the World. Click the link and see what you can do to help out.
Thank you

Monday, July 26, 2010

happy customer

Martin sent in some pics of his FMA Velocity stack on his sporty. It really puts the ShORT in his S&S SHORTY SUPER-E Carb. Get yours HERE

Tim moved

our friend Tim O'keefe's blog blue jean blues moved HERE, check it and readjust your linkage. Plus check out his shovel in the latest issue of Street CHopper!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Waylon

Pretty sure Waylon made the most of his weekends. Harpoon did an amazing screen print of this image on a big piece of broken glass for our in famous county & western art show at the gallery we used to have in downtown Santa Ana called Alleged Arts. Gregg bought it and i wish i would have.


about 4 years ago when the QP finished training at the salon in Beverly hills she used to work at she had to do a final presentation, AKA the soiree. It was a sweet setup with roses and trash cans! This odd pairing was due to her use of the Ravenettes song Love in a Trashcan that she set the catwalk models strutting too. Of course it turned out A-mazing. I was takin pictures and was apparently skinny.

Grease Wheel

I grew up eating pizza from the Pie Pizzaria in Slat Lake City. It's a great hole in the wall place on the UofU campus in the basment of a phamacy. Open late, you can get slices, whole pizza, or calzones, etc. Amazingly good. Even the pizza Nazi herself, the QP, liked it even though it wasn't Chicago style.
Note my curly mop.


Last year Toru took these of us tooling around Fullerton, still kinda miss my shovel when it was like this.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Our good friend Steph is looking for a roommate for her super-rad mid-century modern style apartment in Costa Mesa. She needs someone to move in by August 1st. If you or someone you know may be interested check out her ad on CRAIGSLIST:


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

RIP Larry Watson

Looks like famous/legendary painter Larry Watson checked out of the hospital today and headed toward the big paint booth in the sky after a long battle with brain cancer. I know Harpoon went to see him in the hospital recently, i'm sure he'll chime in with more. Wear your masks kids.

FMA British-Style Gas Caps and Bungs!

We now have our FMA British-Style gas caps and bungs in stock. Whether you are building or chopping up your gas or oil tank you can use this polished aluminum gas cap and stainless bung to use as you please. Gonna frisco your tank or offset your filler? Here you go! They are made to mimick the old Wassell/British caps for a classic look and are vented and MADE IN THE USA! These were designed by our friend T-Bone from NOISE. $110 each. Click HERE to order or go to

Early 4-speed for sale


Monday, July 19, 2010

Buy it

Not just because my bike is on the cover, but to help keep things moving forward. When Jeff got control of Street CHopper a couple of years ago now it was almost dead. They only had one issue a year limping along on bad chopper life support. He and i along with many others have nurished it back into health and it's getting stronger thanks to all those that buy the magazine. It went to twice last year and four times this year, with hopes of bi-monthly next year. But not without your support! THere are no subscriptions at this point so hit your newsstand. I see it at all the barnes and nobles here in California. It can also be found at: Wal-Mart, Books A Million, Borders, Hastings, 7-Eleven, Safeway, Albertsons, Ralphs, Stater Bros., King Soopers, Target, Rite Aid, Safeway Canada, Hy Vee Food Stores, Presse Food & Drug, Smiths, Kroger, Winn-Dixie, Save Mart, CVS, Food Lion, Kmart, Ingels Markets, SuperValu, HE Butt Grocery, Schnuck Markets, Stop & Shop and Giant Eagle Stores.
check out too.

Sweet Pan SHovel for sale

Murf Higgs has this pretty righteous Pan Shovel for sale.
He says:
"hey grant. i've got to shuffle my bike along. wondering if you could post a pic and my email on your blog. i've got so many records and receipts and stories for that greasy bastard. anyhow if you can that's great, if no go, no worries.
i use this email address and i'm looking to get in the area of $11500 for it. it's got a clean title and it's a strong scoot. i have no hesitation taking both hands off the bars rollin' along at 70mph.
cheers. murray"
Email him at for more info. The bike is up in Sooke British Columbia


My littlest sister Amanda has been following in mine and my dad's crazy footsteps and taken to wanting her own classic truck, crazy! She found a good one too, it's an '84 Chevy C-10 shortbed fleetside. She has some plans ofr it, but for now will stay busy keeping gas in it.

Hey Amanda, here's one of my favorite '73-87 C-10s, belonged to my old boss Mr. Fortier.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Show your love for this country and FMA with our new USA tee. EZ slaved away with his special markers and a big ol' pad of paper and came up with this beaut'. THey are 3-color, white, bone, and gold shimmer, on heavy 100% cotton short sleeve tees for years of lookin' good. We have them in S-XXL, order in our store on the right or CLICK HERE.

Velocity Stacks!!!!!!!

Thank you to those that have ordered your FMA velocity stacks. These babies are super short at about 1 1/8-inch depth! They are available for S&S SUPER-E carbs and we did a small run of them for L-series, Super-B, BEndix, etc!
Each stack comes polished with stainless hardware and a screen. We will eventually have them in chrome and possibly for Linkerts! Until then get one of these babies. If you have a Super-E/G we have enrichener knobs to complete the package.
All FMA parts are made with love right here in California and are Clyde approved. Order HERE.


so last December we had a good time even though it rained like a mother. In Lieu of their sweet summer bbq the folks at Moon are putting on this little hot rod hullabaloo this sunday to makeup for the rain and to have a really good time. So come and hangout, forget about the monster trucks and the giant robot dragon that eats cars, There will be drag racing, tacos, beer, drag racing, tacos, beer, some choppers and all the local kustom kulture, so dig all you can and stop by our little booth and say HI! PS Wildman always rocks out the best fliers.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Southern Cal

is real nice for ridin right now

Stuff for sale: NICE extended HD springer

If it ain't long it's wrong!
up is a really nicely extended inline Harley Springer. It was done well with Ford radius rods and is about 18-over. Runnable chrome,it has a beautiful taper down the rear legs and a 1" stem, rockers.
Here it is mocked up for fun on my shovel while it was in progress, yes the garage is a mess!

Monday, July 12, 2010


I am very honored to announce that my shovelhead and myself have been invited by Shige San (owner of Mooneyes) to attend this year's 19th annual Mooneyes Hot Rod & Custom show in Yokohama, Japan. I still can't hardly believe it. Buying my plane ticket to go last year was probably the best money i have ever spent because that trip changed my life in so many ways. I finally saw in person what i had heard friends talk about that had been or invited over the past decade. I took over 3000 pics in three days, it was that good.
I am pleased to share the plane so far with many talented folks and friends like Jeff Decker, Cole Foster Robert Williams, Dean Michetich, and Duane Ballard so far. The whole FMA clan is planning on going to (except Clyde, sorry buddy).
FOr more info on this year's show CLICK HERE

Thank you Shige.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Holy crap

The mayor of Des Moines is selling his sweet S&S build Shovel...FOR CHEAP!!! Like a sore pecker, you can't beat it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So i was sitting here about ready to leave work and i felt all discombobulated like i was dizzy, but i wasn't. Then i look out in the shop as the lights and cords are swinging a bit. This was one of the few earthquakes i've ever felt in my 10 years in California.
Looks like it was a 5.9 magnitude just north of mexico, far out.


are forgotten little pieces of metal that keep your pride and joy from goin' ass over tea kettle. Tell it thanks for doin' such a good job next time you step on it.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


You should support and go to the 2nd annual Brooklyn Invitational show this September. Not just becasue it'll be a great show, but becasue it's done by the people, for the people. Not by big show promoters, but by dudes that do it becasue they like bikes and want to get the like minded together. CLICK HERE for more info.