Sunday, November 28, 2010

good tunes

Just put on my favorite Frank Black record, Show Me Your Tears, while packing orders this morning. It's an album i bought many years ago because i like the pixies and the cover, but wasn't feeling it for about 6 months, then it clicked and it got better and better every listen. Pretty much a solid sender from start to finish except i skip the first song now it or you kids that are good with a geek machine i'm sure you can figure out how to download it.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Looks like our good pal JD king has got his chopper back up with the new tins I sprayed a while back. check out his blog on the right for some good times and good music.

when you see this tank you're supposed to hear Waylon Jennings and Neil Young at the same time. Kinda like this:

Friday, November 26, 2010

tangled up in Blue

Added some lines to the Chevrobey dash the other day always nicer to do with the glass out. the car is coming together great over at Circle City Hot Rods, not quite as good as Jimmy White singing new wave hits all the live long day, but then what could be?

a Bob Dylan kinda day via Jimi Hendrix

its black friday and Im painting every color but. Mooneyes Yokohama is right around the corner and Grant an I are feeling like a Rolling Stone for sure. it feels an awful lot like Keith at least it did after our super amazing thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Order a Velocity Stack fromnow until the end of the weekend and get a free L-Series Shirt! Just make mention of your size in your paypal payment and presto!
Remember we have velocity stacks for S&S Super E/G, S&S Super B/L-Series/bendix/kehin/and now LInkert! Stacks for CV carbs are in the works right now, stay tuned.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fresh off the boat!

Usually you have fun with your bike and without your bike. It's not often that it has fun without you! Well, i just got an email from Mooneyes owner, Shige, and my bike is having lots of fun without me in Japan! Apparently with Dean and Duane's bikes!
I can't wait to see those waters in Yokohama again!

Are you ready for Born-Free 3?

You better be! People get ready!
CLICK HERE for all your Born-Free 3 newz you can uze. Knucklehead tickets will be available very soon and will be sent to you along with a 12x18 screenprinted poster of this:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More new shirts!

we have a few new items for you just in time for the holidays, for you or a friend! CLICK HERE TO BUY

First is the new FMA L-Series pocket tee. It's gat an old S&S L-series GBL carb with one of our FMA short velocity stacks on it, reminiscent of an old shop shirt. $20!

Next is the FMA USA raven design, but now on full zip hoodies and a few crew neck sweat shirts. It's chilly out there, dress warm!

Monday, November 22, 2010


looks like the third weekend in december will be quite the two wheeled good time, what with our toy run and the release of TRON legacy. The original light cycle sequence in TRON really blew my youth mind and had a good deal to do with embedding motorcycles into my brain, that and the local chuck e cheese had the arcade version too.

dig this trailer

Plus Jeff Bridges is back. Mr. Bridges being one of our favorite actors here at the FMA rancho. Unless his co-star is Barbara Streisand of course. And if that werent enough there is a remake of True Grit starring Mr. Bridges, that i must see too. Big John Wayne fans over here as well!!!!

anyway here is the og lightcycle sequence if you've never seen it(gasp)
sorry if im turning into an ad agency here, but im just really stoked and havent been at the movies for quite some time.

it happens

to the best of us. As epic as the earlier Roth posters were, and everything else that followed, this may be the best David Mann painting ever. I wont show you what i did, but this captures it all.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

freak out the squares

on a lark i drew this image on a care package for our PA homies at FOTS kinda the way Von Dutch would do. They really liked it so much, it is now available as a sticker. Get yours from them here, or buy something from them and get one free, besides, money-spending is good.
and heres the Lou Reed Muppet freaking out the squares

dig it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Rain

These last few weeks or so I've been listening to Use Your Illusion 1, a lot(I dont have 2). its replaced the Velvet Underground in its continual rotation in the spray booth. And I've been noticing a lot more GNR airplay on the radio lately. It's really cool when you hear GNR on more than one station at the same time. Then today, driving in the cold november rain to go paint, I hear the song come on, and I think about what I was painting two Novembers ago-None other than our friend Gilby Clarke's Knucklehead chopper. The paintjob looks like it has raindrops on it. November Rain-drops...

all day

so I've had the kinks on my earwaves. I wish i knew which sinatra album sleeve i put my kinks record into. and this live cut from the 80's is badass

then stumbled on this-i hope youve seen mystery men

and then there is tommorrow.

but today its raining

and this is all anyone needs

all tommorrows open house parties

so i just found out today that tommorow is an open house at Illusion Cycles. So now I have a perfect excuse to post this license plate I saw outside of the slidebar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and we do

Honda Chopper for Sale

Sweet, real deal, Honda chopper '71 CB450 DOHC twin that has a fully molded frame, REAL Murano pearl over the whole thing with candy orange ribbons and lime green pinstripe accents! The pearl is amazing and has a blue tint to it, not pink or red, it was hard to get it to show up in the pics, but they stopped selling real Murano in like '71! Twisted Z-bars, twisted struts, twisted railroad spike highway pegs, 6" dogbones, cocktail shakers, lots of extra chrome from stock! Extended frontend with crazy reverse bell tube covers that bell out at the exposed springs by the lower legs, never seen a setup like this! the CB450 dual leading shoe drum brake up front is actually a really good brake, guys seek these out for vintage road racing. Real nice diamond button tuck seat, glass ness style fender, glass frisco sporty tank. looks like there was a repair on the tank on the left side at some point. Kick & Electric start, lots of new electrical/ignition parts. Bates headlight. Has clean title and current Califonia registration. would need tires if you plan on riding it alot they are just old and dry. Will ship anywhere.
email to buy

Friday, November 19, 2010

work work work

i do have a day job. a busy one. gotta get this done by Xmas!
Got a new G12 Canon, so here's some stuff from around the shop today.

if you subscribe to Hot Rod Magazine you get my office on the cover with Bill Goldberg, if you don't subscribe there are pics of the shop inside the mag. beats a cubicle

The next project for Car Craft. We're gonna put in an Alston front clip and 1000hp twin turbo small block...chevy! it's already been backhalved and has a ton of tin work in it and a good cage.

How not to lift. Doug and Jeff do a butt to butt engine swap.

runnin around

Went to Mooneyes today at lunch to drop off some stuff to get shipped and pick up our tickets for Japan. Saw Rob's old '66 Shovelhead that Shige bought and had painted. Picked up a set of sweet new Moon floor mats for the truck just in time for some predicted rain!  Also ran into my old friend Andy from LA and now Burbank. He's still workin on bikes and a '32 Roadster, good to see you buddy! He sold the blue panhead to the guys in teh Vice crew in Japan, i saw it last year in Yokohama.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We have always thrown in stickers with orders and these are our newest ones. we'll have sticker packs available soon which will include the big "Splitting Lanes" bumper stickers.

Monday, November 15, 2010


first thing I did when I got back home from the polisher was install my very own FMA Linkert Velocity stack.

TOY RUN! December 18th

Poon had this idea to do an old fashion Toy Run, so i called the illustrious Jeff Holt and said, "hey, what do you think about a Toy Run with Street Chopper Mag?", he said, "sounds great papi!".
So Street Chopper Magazine Presents the 1st annual FMA Toy Run December 18th! It is in our lovely home town of Fullerton, California (near the 57&91 fwys) at the Roscoe's Deli/Hero's/Joe's compound just west of Harbor on Commonwealth from 12-4pm. Ride in with a new, unwrapped toy and you'll get a raffle ticket and more!The toys will be dispersed via the Fire Department to local needy children and how doesn't wanna help the ninos!
Be there or get a lump of coal in your stocking!
check back here for updates and check out the STREET CHOPPER MAGAZINE website.

Splitting Lanes is NOT a Crime

We pitty the fool that the man won't "let" them split lanes on their two-wheeled freedom machine! Voice your opinion with our new SPLITTING LANES IS NOT A CRIME shirt. Even if you live in a state where you can split lanes, let them know you want to keep it that way. The back features an FMA logo borrowed from the inspiration of the classic skate industry bumpersticker.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

more mark

the real moral to the story is to get out there and BUILD YOUR OWN MOTORCYCLE!!!
love it or hate it, Mark built this one just the way he wanted...not for anyone else

click HERE for rhetoric from ignorant people...

Thursday, November 11, 2010


We have our world famous FMA Short Stacks now available for Linkert carbs! These babies are made here in Southern California like all our parts and come with hardware. I don't have a good picture today, stay tuned. CLICK HERE TO BUY.

Solitary Confinement

Guess the cat is out of the bag on Mark's Solitary Confinement Pre Uint Triumph. I put a couple teaser shots up last week that didn't reveal all the secrets, but now they are out elsewhere.
Stay tuned to Street Chopper Mag for the first USA feature on Marks bike when we get back from Japan...

Here's a couple more of my shots from loading day.

Love these two shots are from Toru's Halfmoon Garage Blog. he shots most of the Mooneyes stuff.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I love PULP, still. DIfferent Class and This is Hardcore kill it and i usually have to listen to one right after the other, like a double album.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday, November 4, 2010

FMA makes the man

Why should you wear FMA?
We started running a few tank tops through for a friend that requested them when printing shirts. Harpoon took like a fish to water to the tank tops and his arms got some color on them this summer, AKA tank top summer.