Thursday, March 24, 2011

Street CHopper Party this Saturday

Head out to LA Speedshop on Saturday for the release of the new issue of Street CHopper. If you can't find a copy near you check out Lowbrow Customs, they stock it now!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Hats!

man....been busy and sick, sorry for the absense, BUT we have something new to throw at you! We did our SPLITTING LANES IS NOT A CRIME design on hats! put it on your dome and let everyone know...choose either a white or black panel mesh hat, $20 each and like always every order gets stickers! CLICK HERE to order.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sendai Update

i have been emailing back and forth with some of our friends in Japan since the earthquake and while most everyone we know is in the Tokyo area and west in Nagoya and Osaka, we've been anxiously waiting word from Sendai. Rikiya Katsuta (the owner of the shovelhead on the right in the photo) sent me a couple of email updates. Lucky for him, he lives in Tokyo near another friend of ours, Gaku Yokomizo from Hawgholic, and had been despiratly trying to reach Daisuke Miura (on the left of me) who built Rikiya's shovelhead at Cosmic in Sendai. this morning i woke up to another email from Rikiya saying he he found out Daisuke and also Osamu-san are ok. Their shop is in great disorder from the earthquake, but that them and their families are ok.

With all devastation in north east Japan and with thousands dead, it's good to know that at least a few that you know are ok. That's not to say that they don't have one hell of a road to go down from here to get back to some sort of normal. It's too bad that this kind of tragedy is what it takes for us to think more about those that are close to us and just how delicate life is.

I am lucky to come from a big family that apparently has good genes, we live a ling time and suffer from little to non-existent genetic troubles. My only problem is that i have been the better part of a thousand miles away from my family for over a decade now...following all my crazy hopes and dreams...which has worked for me for the most part, but the distance of family is the greatest cost. i am lucky to have great friends who i have considered my stand-in family for most of this time and think nothing of it now. I am coming close to having spent more holidays with friends both old and new than with my blood family which we usually connect via the phone during these times, but as some of the elder family members like my grand parents get older ( i think the 3 remaining are all in their 90's and grandpa John would still be with us i'm sure if it weren't for one reckless drunk driver in the early 1980s...

Anyway, make a call, write a letter, send an email, print a photo out and send it, flowers, etc to some of those you love. you can't take it with you, all these pictures on blogs, internet, crap in your garage, etc, because he who dies with the most toys is DEAD.

THis is all the more reason to be as passionate about what you love while you can, learn as much as possible, see the world because even language is a small barrier when you find a common ground with people halfway across the world.
I may have mentioned in some post before about feeling at an early age that i already wouldn't have enough time in life to do everything i wanted (even back when i was 16 or 17) let alone now that i am 31. Life is too short to be angry, to be jealous, to squander your time here in negativity. That to me is the biggest tragedy of all, wasting the most valuable thing you have that you didn't cost you anything.

Anyway, i am probably pretty far off base now, but we are all thinking about you in Japan.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Sendai City

I woke up to texts wondering if we in California were ok and not having TV for a couple of years now i wondered why and the replys told me about the threat of a sunami from a huge quake in Japan. News to me! so i hoped my crappy blackberry would find it's way to the internet while i was lay in bed this moring and read about the 8.9 quake that rocked Sendai City.

i imediatley thought about all our friends in Japan which are mostly in the Tokyo area and then out west in Nagoya. Sent some emails to them and luckily everyone says they are fine so far, but as Gaku from Hogholic told me, the city is chaos right now. I asked Gaku if he knew of anything from Rikiya of Cosmic CHoppers up in Sendai City and am still waiting to hear. Riki is one of the few people i know up in that area along with Shop Sam's and i can only hope for their safety. I met him at this last years Yokohama show and we talked for a while about things before i gave him and the bike my STREET CHOPPER MAGAZINE pick.
Hang in there guys, and let us know if you need anything....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

THe Doctor is in

Ha, just found these pics i took at the Chino Fab shop one sunny day last year during the Born-Free Panhead build. Mr. Mike Davis doing it to it on this little guy, good form.
I was kinda hoping he'd use the first one as a header for his BLOG, but guess he didn't like it...or was being too humble and didn't want to make everyone jealous of his sweet moves.

stuff in stock

We have more Knucklehead rocker tin CORK gaskets in stock! These gaskets have always been made of thin paper which might have been fine over 70 years ago when Harley first came out with the knucklehead, but for those with motors still kickin we have these made out of high quality gasket grade cork to help stop those pesky leaks! Like all FMA parts these are made in the USA and are $40 a set. CLICK HERE TO BUY

Also, we have our Splitting Lanes is Not a Crime shirts in BLACK! A few mediums, larges, and XLs for now. We're doing more next week...sorry no pics on black, but you get the idea...CLICK for FMA online STORE


Born Free Knucklehead is almost done!

Spent my lunch hour checking in at the Garage Company where Kiyo is just about done with the Born-Free Knucklehead giveaway bike! Can't believe how nice and how quick it has come together! I am real happy not to be thrashing to finish it by Saturday...
All that is left is the tank which is probably there by now, A little more wiring, gas, and to light it off tomorrow. Harpoon is going to pinstripe it at the party for all to see and then it'll be ready to do wheelies down the 405!
Doctor Davis and Kiyo try the new seat on for size
Remember if you buy two or more poster/ticket combos between now and 7pm on saturday night you could take home the Lowbrow Customs Alien tank painted by Harpoon, see you at the Garage Company or buy your stuff HERE
The Garage Company is located at 956 W. Hyde Park BLVD, Inglewood, CA 90302

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Greetings from Italy

Our pal Cyrus sends these in from Italy. Gotta be the only guy living on the boot to have a Crazy Franks fender. Dig his blog here

My Brother

Is rockin the new shirt having a good time for all of us right now.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

FMA knows how

To make an S&S carb look good