Monday, March 22, 2010

FMA PARTS Announcement!

We have made a deal with our friend T-Bone to take over his special line of NOISE parts which include shallow velocity stacks, enrichener knobs, mid Brit gas caps and bungs, petcock bungs, and low rise narrow handlebars. T-Bone's day job has become too demanding to keep up with the parts orders and we're happy to have come to an agreement. All the best to T-Bone.

You can expect to still get the same great parts and quality associated with NOISE from FMA. We'll have gas caps and bungs, bars, and enrichener knobs int he store in a few days.

We'll have velocity stacks for Super E's hopefully in a few weeks, with L-series/Suber B, and Linkert in the near future.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

King of the Wild Frontier

Growing up with cable TV, the Disney channel would show all of the old shows/cartoons they produced before there was a Disney Channel. All of the old cartoons were my favorite, but I dug the Davey Crockett show and all of the Walt Disney presents series(the Wernher Von Braun space series was real far-out) and have always wanted a coonskin cap-I couldnt believe that his hat used to be a living animal-always will want one too.

National Velvet Goldmine

The Thin White Duke and Liz. What this is all about, I'll never know. But Candy Clark did tell me in the back of a Japan bound airplane that working with Bowie was real far out.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

go north this weekend!

Or what ever direction Oakland is from you. The Dice party is happening on saturday night. This was one of the best ones a few years ago, craziness!

Monday, March 15, 2010

the Bouncing Castle

so about 5 years ago Im up in Seattle to paint 3 roofs in full flake. one was for Andre. a 49 chevy with one suspension mod-none-"we dont need no stinkin suspension" this car bounced all over so much we dubbed it the "Bouncing Castle" bounced so much all i could ever get was blurry shots of it-even made the space needle shake!

Sponsor Spotlight Born Loser

Well, not really a sponsor, but our partner in Born-Free (the Born part)Mike Davis from Born Loser knows how to find the sweet old parts and take a 50cc mini bike to the sky!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


when Mick wanted to be Keith

and Keith wanted to be Mick

Sponsor/Good Dude Spotlight

Our friend Zac in Minnesota is the head man at Heavy Clothing. He made it out last year for Born-Free with his shovel and a pack of good dudes from the midwest and will be riding out in June for #2. He and his sweet swingarm shovel just made the cover of the next Iron Horse too.
For those that follow Zac's blog, the address just changed to so adjust your links and buy some HEAVY gear. He practices what he preaches/sells as well. Zac is an afficienato of the heavier side of rock&roll and shares plenty of it on his blog along with the best of the midwest chopper scene, the real deal scene that is, DUdes that ride.
Also, we at FMA are collaberating with Heavy on a new design that EZ is almost done with that will flip your lids. It'll be available on a shirt as well as a poster. Stay tuned and support!

Monday, March 8, 2010

NOS Bicentenial decals for sale

I have two fo these new old stock HD 1976 bicentenial tank decals left. This is the top portion that goes around the gas cap and says "the great american freedom machine" on it.

email me @ to buy.

Paul's old panhead..............

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Totallt stock, restored. Best factory paintjob in my opinion

Anthony Robinson, the man, the myth, the legendary Tony Bones put this one together a while back. real badass
the second best factory paintjob
sweet homemade aluminium primary on "Hell On Wheels"
not just a source of frames/front ends, the VL is one rad machine. A little bit chitty-chitty bang-bang in the engineering department, but a looker for sure. some say junk, some swear by it, no match for the twin-cam JD and a definite piston melter. 1930-36

peel slowly and see

this was up for sale a looooooong time ago. Just imagine all the work involved, and it went for a song-think about all that work at todays labor rate. Thought is was cool enough to save pictures of but didnt appreciate it enough to buy, besides at the time i think i had just dropped coin on my panheads engine-what would i do with a little honda. ah' the shame of it all.

hot head


dont know about you, but this is the best movie I saw last year.

meeting of the minds 1962

never before had so much kustom automotive genius been rounded up. Dig the large father showing some major class. Doesnt look like Wilhelm cares what George has gotta say, though

Friday, March 5, 2010


it's almost the weekend, you can't party like these guys without having a few unicorns hangin around.
There are more EZ FMA (the shovel motor with the chicks) pocket tess and hoodies in the webstore. we were out of larges in both, but gotcha covered now.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Burner Digger Pocket Tees now available!

We took EZ's Burner Digger design and put it on our favorite pocket tess for all year cruising. It's a two color back, single color front with the scroll FMA logo on the pocket. We have never really told you folks about our FMA tags either that are sewn into all our new shirts, quality babes. $20 each, order through the webstore HERE

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Night of the Vampire

Roky Erickson is on the road and headed this way, he was at the top of his game last time i saw him in Dallas a year or two ago. Don't miss it.
All of Roky's music has influenced many bands over the past 40 years from the legendary 13th Floor Elevators Psychedelic Sounds Of album in 1966 (reportedly the first use of the word Psychedelic when it came to music) to his later stuff with the Aliens, etc, when he thought he was posesed, check any or all of it out.

13th Floor Elevators You're Gonna Miss Me

Later Roky

One of my other favorite bands, Spacemen 3, were big fans of Roky (and the MC5!).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Stars Are Bright

And shining at night! Tim O'Keefe just got the motor redone (again!) in his fresh shovel and got to take it for a first ride on his birthday. Tim is shooting it for us to be in the next issue of Street Chopper. If you didn't know, Tim is quite the photographer, he has a blog you might have heard of, Blue Jean Blues. It's kinda funny, i shot Tim a few years back for the cover of DiCE. This topsy-turvy world keeps spinnin' and Tim is Born-Free 2 Bound!

Still love it

I've posted this before, but i still ove it everytime i listen to it. It's from the very first UFO album from 1970. I got it at a record swap a few years ago and was blown away...turn it up

Monday, March 1, 2010

pic by Wes D

We started a Born -Free blog and a website (under construction hopefully the website will be fairly together this week. The blog is up and running and has links to all our Born-Free 2 sponsors, so please link back to it as well and spread the word!

Born Winner

Here's an outtake from when i shot Mike Davis' (nice legs) sweet Pre-Unit for Street Chopper (on sale now).
Mike and I sold a bunch more certificates for the panhead yesterday at the swapmeet, there is a link to the Born Free online store on the top right of this page where you can get your own.