Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sponsor/Good Dude Spotlight

Our friend Zac in Minnesota is the head man at Heavy Clothing. He made it out last year for Born-Free with his shovel and a pack of good dudes from the midwest and will be riding out in June for #2. He and his sweet swingarm shovel just made the cover of the next Iron Horse too.
For those that follow Zac's blog, the address just changed to so adjust your links and buy some HEAVY gear. He practices what he preaches/sells as well. Zac is an afficienato of the heavier side of rock&roll and shares plenty of it on his blog along with the best of the midwest chopper scene, the real deal scene that is, DUdes that ride.
Also, we at FMA are collaberating with Heavy on a new design that EZ is almost done with that will flip your lids. It'll be available on a shirt as well as a poster. Stay tuned and support!


  1. Ya Man ZAK...always a pleasure putting on miles with the Heavy crew, the few in MN that I will ride with cuz ya these guys actually ride. We had a great trip to Davenport last summer Zack had a close call locked up his shovel and did a pinball smoke slide off a car and rode away unscathed..good times and we were only 30 min into our trip to Iowa.