Monday, May 25, 2009

VINTAGE/N.O.S. HD and Chopper shirts for sale FRISCO STYLE FREAKOUT!

Gus' Shop
another one wrapped in plastic. Skull/knuckle/cone shovel logo is like some of the later FRISCO CHOPPERS logo. XL, but we can only assume it fits like a large since i don't have extras to open and try on. white on black and white on red. Not sure if there is anything on the back.

amazing old Frisco Choppers shirts from the Bay Area original. Large FRISCO across the chest and the old Bay bridge logo on the back.
the white on black fits like a tight large. the white on bright red and red on black fit more like a large.

FRISCO CHOPPERS trucker hat!
If only my fat head wasn't so fat I could wear, but nice and old. The foam stuff that always comes out of old hats is almost all the way gone (which is good) doesn't seem to have been worn.

Arlen Ness Hoodie size large

Amazing Arlen Ness hoodie from back when he still built killer bikes. Sweet Shovelhead digger/frag bike on the back. logo on the front. Light blue Hanes hoodie. Printed by Nor Cal's Andy's Tee-Shirts. Don't miss out.

Friday, May 22, 2009

What's not to like

JD King is a sweet dude. Not only is he a great singer/songwriter, but he's learnin' to ride and has Gilby Clarke bar to bar with him most of the time. Check out JD's blog and music:

Announcing FMA and the AEE Baseball tee

We should have these on the site soon. We've been playing around with different brands of B-ball shirts and this one is real nice, but a little different. THe sleeves are full length and the shirt is real soft. The run just a tad tight though. $25 plus shipping.

Also, we've been working with those new designs a little bit and did a number on my jacket. We're looking into getting some of these to print on, stay tuned.

We are also launching FMA which is Freedom Machinery & Accesories. This will be the parent company for all our Chopped Out and Knees In The Breeze shirts and we're hoping to expand into making parts, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New shirts on the way!

We are doing two new shirts for the Street Chopper Magazine 40th Anniversary as well as an Oink Sissy bar shirt. Stay tuned real soon for ordering info since we don't have them on the site yet. We'll be at the Long Beach MC swap this Sunday with all our other shirts and maybe some surprises.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New ROTH works 4 Sale

Harpoon busted out these few Ed Roth works. Hand screened on canvas, wrapped on wood. email Poon directly at

Through Roth's Eyes, 14 1/2x9", $100

SNAKES, SKULLS, & A PIG, 22 1/2x5 1/4", $100


Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm still in knoxville and had a bitchin night at the Pilot Light once again. Great bands, dudes, and Shlitz. I'm too lazy to get the pics all the way from my camera so here's: the amazing motorcycle riding dog from last year in Ventura. Dude wouldnt get off the bike, good dog.

And Poon harassing him:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

followed me home

so this is what i had to set down to het into my hotel room in knoxville this evening. A almost drank 12 pack of High Life and a 1972 Fender Musicmaster bass, all for $150....

Monday, May 11, 2009

Check out the new issue of Street Chopper!

We are having a release party / bike show on May the 30th in Garden Grove, CA for the new issue of Street Chopper! Poon and I do happen to grace the cover along with a few of our friends and I was asked to help shoot some features and some tech stories for it.
There'll be many old AEE/Street Chopper employees as well as some old Denver's bikes. We're gonna be making T-shirts for the event too, stay tooned!

Hang in there!

We're working on getting all the Shirt orders from around the world filled and out to you! Lots of you have been ordering and Harpoon and I are working our butts off trying to get some more shirts printed, THANK YOU!!!!

"Roth" Surf Helmet

Well the Summer is almost here, and it looks like i will finally get back up on some 'glass. i may need one of these though, its been a real long while and i'm sure to be kooking it up. One time off laguna years ago i wiped out wearing one, my head hit the bottom and a rock took a chunk out of the helmet.
I think Jack Kirby is one of my favorite artists. Everything is so wide and simplified