Friday, May 22, 2009

Announcing FMA and the AEE Baseball tee

We should have these on the site soon. We've been playing around with different brands of B-ball shirts and this one is real nice, but a little different. THe sleeves are full length and the shirt is real soft. The run just a tad tight though. $25 plus shipping.

Also, we've been working with those new designs a little bit and did a number on my jacket. We're looking into getting some of these to print on, stay tuned.

We are also launching FMA which is Freedom Machinery & Accesories. This will be the parent company for all our Chopped Out and Knees In The Breeze shirts and we're hoping to expand into making parts, so stay tuned!


  1. I'd buy a jacket with the oink design. Let me know if these go into production!

  2. We're working on it! The jackets come in green, tan, and black. I love this one, worn it a ton since I got it.