Thursday, May 31, 2012

UL Motor and trans are done!

Picked up my '37 UL motor from Smokey's the other day and couldn't be happier! Nothing crazy here, just some reliable old side valve power. Factory aluminum heads, relieved 11-fin 74" cylinders, 0.040"-over pistons, stock cams and bottom end, 1965 XL auto advance timer.
I cut most the fins off the cam cover, cleaned up one of the heads from a past fin repair, redid the rough old  relieving job in the cylinders and ported the runners and the intake. Thanks Righteous Joe for the hook up on the cylinders! Thanks Paul for the exhaust valves in a heavy pinch! Thanks to Jeff in Oregon for the timer and possibly the last set of new chrome early valve covers that came through at the 11th hour. 
Anyway, it's done!

Spent the weekend working on my trans over at Domenic's garage under his watchful, knowledgeable, and helpful eyes. couple of parts hiccups, but i got it done. Put oversize kicker shaft bushings in yesterday and had Smokey hone them to fit the HD one-piece kick arm.

I do love spending time with either Domenic or Smokey because they are both highly experienced and very willing to teach those willing to learn. Thanks guys! Since i was a teenager i have tried to surround myself with people smarter than i am for this reason. 
Now i gotta get on finishing my frame!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lowrider dreams

Airbrush fun

Sometimes you gotta get the monsters out of your system.

Pinstripe Flames

Chase and Turkey Stopnik came by the lodge the other week to get Chase's shovel dolled up. These kids are living the dream. That's Gepetto's shovel in there too.

Laundry time

Our pal Jenny in Vancouver posted her beautiful laundry on the instagram

the Nash presents...

Got a lot of great artists in on this, come check it out this saturday evening in Newport Beach! The Nash himself has been spearheading this one and if it's anything like last year it'll be a fun night!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

UL progress

After a few parts hiccups my UL motor is allllmost done. Was over at smokey's late last night and he wanted to put the top end on since I brought over the discontinued new screw down valve covers. We had the tops of the pistons ceramic coated and tr skirts coated in an abratable powder coating so he could put a little more prison to cylinder clearance in the motor (HD says the flathead should have 0.001" which is pretty tight. The coating wears in the cylinder to a snug fit and keeps the motor quiet with 0.003-0.004" clearance. We'll see. Supposed to help reduce wear too.
Gonna try and put the Trans together today.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Chopper Lingerie

Wrapped this up the other week for our main man Alan Stedman-nĂºmero UNO color separator and illustrator at icon screening, for his '78 triumph. Faded Gold metallic with inverted lace flames complemented with fishscaled panels and purple pinstripes. Hopefully we get to see the bike at Born Free!!!!

tonight in LA

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The King of Culver City

Mr. Caleb Owens and his Born-Free build, enjoy and by all means repost!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tube steak boogie

Had this amazing piece of awesomeness outside the wiltern theater last night...might have been in the top three.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

1939 Harley UL motor for sale

Flathead fever! (SALE PENDING)
Nice 1939 UL motor to start a project with. Matching belly numbers, nice VIN, 13 fin 80" ULH cylinders, new old stock Flathead Power aluminum high compression heads. Nice looking cases with only minor welding on an old front left side motor mount fix. No carb, or generator. The motor seems to be in decent shape, would probably need just a light refresh/clean-up and misc little parts will consider quick sale with bill or sale, but i am working on getting a title for a little more. email for questions or to buy

Ripple Pipe

Show chrome bolt on pieces. 1 3/4" bolt it on and look good. We just got a truckload from the platers and they are flying off the shelf!

Kraken paintjob

My pal up in Oregon came to me needing a paintjob for his panhead chopper "medusa". I told him I was going to paint a sea monster battle on it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Getting somewhere with the springer for the UL. Got the front legs done last night. Also had to straighten one of the rear legs that was a little tweaked upon closer inspection. Feels good to have it all mocked up on the frame finally! Gotta do a little paint and reassembly.

Even though Harpoon hates it, i like this old possibly buchanans job, it's 2 3/8" over like an XA but has the loong rear leg gusset. But now I have to finish the half a dozen fixes on the frame so I can start putting te bike together for good.


So this fluffy guy or girl has been freeloading the last couple weeks in our walls and attic keeping us up at night and worried it would get a hold of Clyde. It did help out and eat all the snails in the garden but its time has come! It'll soon be in the Angeles Forrest.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


The UL has been fighting me...

Real chopper frame for sale

I bought this when i should be focusing on other stuff...This early pan frame has 3-4" up stretch and a slight derake? Still has the brake crossover, and I am guessing by the front motor mount it was a wishbone frame. Like most old chopper frames it needs some love, would prefer local sale in SoCal. Might throw in the extended 45 back leg in the pic.
email to buy

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Almost done

I shoulda taken before pics...