Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Here in the neighborhood...

Growing up in the Northeast, it was pretty rare to see an old vehicle on the road, let alone one that was being driven regularly. Most of the old cars and trucks just rusted away due to all of the salt they use on the roads during the winter. Bummer. Unlike back east, here in Seattle you see plenty of old stuff on the roads. Case in point, the picture above. These are just a handful of the old cars and trucks around my neighborhood. I snapped the pic.'s while out for my run today, and I'm no marathoner. These are within a two mile radius of my house. Are they in perfect shape? No. Are they being used for what they're intended for? Yes they are, and that's cool.

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  1. Sweet! Dig the 63 Fairlane. Lots of classics driven down here in Portland too. My 64 Fairlane is my daily driver. Flaking paint, half an interior, squeaking suspension...but I wouldn't trade her for any modern car. Easy to maintain, easy to fix, and way more character than just another Prius.