Thursday, April 29, 2010

For Mike Scully

How's that BSA of yours?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

two Triumphs For Tuesday

Choppers of the Week. These are old Faves, too bad Im too big for the little Triumph.

2 for tuesday

the Raincoats were on 88.7 KSPC today. I listen to 100.3 often, and they like to play LOLA by the kinks a lot. Im beginning to hate that song. But this version is sooooo Bitchin. And its an all Lady band.

The Slits Heard it through the Grapevine
The Raincoats reminded me of the Slits and they should, they hit the scene in the same era, stoopid me, I thought that the raincoats were a new band. . .

Creedence Sweet Hitchiker
"looks like you wont have to worry about those Creedence tapes" I do believe that Grant posted this before, but i like it too.

Kinks Waterloo Sunset. The Roost is one of those great places that I wish we had in Fullerton, but we don't. You cant make a place like this, it has to be there. Unlike the "lodge" down the street, the Roost has Coors Banquet, a Jukebox, and an old Pabst drinking regular that looks like he used to be a sailor in the 40's-the 1840's. Last time I was there this was in my jukebox rocklist, as it came on this lithe sierra haired vision slid her seat over and caught my eye with hers through the wrinkled amber glass partition, her frumpy foibled flaxen haired friends fade from view. The way she bobbed her shoulders to the beat said it all, She knew i played it for her and I knew she knew as I finished my coors and walked out the door

Monday, April 26, 2010

fo sale

this tank is for Triumphs i believe, but could fit all similar bikes i guess-the parts dont know any better. It could use a light wetsand and reclear, and the chip could be fixed by glue-ing on some flake and brushing on model paint clear at the least

this Rupp has one of the Kik-Start units on it. Super Bad-ass. Why Pull a cord when you can Kik? From outer Space comes the space fender from mars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Venus
the fender has some rust and crust but is real sweet and can be mounted on anything.

this here is an early Police Oil Tank. THAT IS SOLD!!!!!!!!!!

the later ones have a big ugly cap on them, not this guy!

Does not leak, but has a few dings dents.

Stuck on it is a sweet dealer sticker from Appleton Motorcycle Sales in Clarksville Tenn. It was printed with the reflective ink. Real cool.

they are still around apparently

the mount has had it if you were going to run it stock-like, but what you do is slice off the forward mounts and then slide the forward tank mount over and weld. Instant chopper coolness ala Avalon Bartender Extraordinaire and International Nowhere Man Of Mystery Gabe Griffin!!!
email to own

why ask why

Why do we buy some of the completely useless crap we do at swapmeets?

a couple of months ago i bought this, luckily it wasn't much at all and i knew it'd make a good door stop...if only i had a door i needed stopped.........

I do know Pat at High Gear Machine started it............

Friday, April 23, 2010

speaking of Dylan

this video rocks. Tell me have you seen it? One of my favorite songs off of Blonde on Blonde too.

Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35

Grants Shovel in version 12 or 35 below, I forget which, always made me think of this bad swinging pan. Its one far-out trip to see whats happend to it. It'll be farther out to see it on the road from my own two-wheeled viewpoint


what the hell is this?

Veiling Sometimes a tank looks good just in the masking tape
Some more kandy and then Lavender Pearl Fades at the tips icing on the cake. Burial in Clearcoat next. Pinstriping last
I've always dug the 3rd paintjob on the dream Truck by Watson done in a Razpberry over Lime Gold, so I applied one myself over a slightly molded sporty tank I had. But I was kinda bored with it and shelved it. Then along came my veiling gun. A 12 year search paid off finally. What am I talking about? just wait and see for more. . .


almost forgot. such a crazy week. needs a crazy chopper of the week. Dunno much about the Chopperstar Galactica, but its in a motorshop frame to be certain.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Revolution. It takes five seconds to realize.

So our buddy Zac from HEAVY called us a few months ago and said he had a great idea for a shirt, but it was kinda close to some of our Chopped Out stuff. I say what you got and he lays on me a simple phrase, "TURN ON, TUNE IN, CHOP OUT".
Rad, so what are we gonna do about it, i ask. How 'bout a joint effort? This would be perfect if we had EZ draw it, in fact it would be a waste if he didn't draw it. Zac agreed and a partnership was born and the result is right before your eyes. EZ sat down with a sharpie for many hours and laid down enough black lines to come up with the masterpiece (i'm not bragging because it's not my drawing). when it came time for color we (EZ, Zac, myself, and Harpoon) went around for about two weeks before landing on the colors like a black light poster.
And there you have it, it took eight, yes 8, screens to come together to print this puppy. Most people never own an eight color shirt! FMA has 100 of them (including girl's shirts) and Zac has 100 of them. Get one in the STORE.

Hi from Japan!

Our friend Hajime from Tokyo sent an email last night with some pics of his panhead that he just changed up. Hajime sells lots of american brands like Carhart, Dickies, and Vans in his shop called US2000. Another friend of ours in Tokyo, Gak of Hawgholic, introduced us to Hajime last year while we were there, hope to see all of you soon!

From Hajime:




Wednesday, April 21, 2010

fourth generation

My dad emailed me this morning with a fresh batch of scans. If anyone has anymore specific info about the bikes than what i listed below please share. I left the pics big so you can see detail.

I remember as a kid looking through my grandparent's (dad's side) photo albums and seeing all kinds of neat stuff. I distinctly remember pictures of guys lined up on old motorcycles in front of buildings and was told that my great grandpa Peterson was a motorcycle cop in Salt Lake where I grew up and some where of him and his squad. He was killed on duty on his bike in the late '50s (i need to call my grandpa), hit from behind at a light. THere is a plaque in downtown SLC police station with his photo in rememberance.
Here is my Great Grandpa Peterson on as best i can tell a VL, not sure of the year the picture was taken and the exposure is real hot.

Here he is with his squad in 1938. Looks mostly like flatheads. it's hard to tell exactly, but there are lots of left side air cleaners.

My Grandpa was also in the force and spent a long time on a bike as well. I remember he used to tell me that there was someone in town that had a hopped up '36 FOrd that they chased all the time.
Here is Grandpa Peterson in '48 with some fellow officers. He's on a knuckle ('41?) while the rest of the guys are on big twin flatheads, go gramps!

Here is Grandpa Peterson again a few years later (not sure exactly what year), but with the SLC MC squad on pretty new or brand new '49 or '50 panheads! He is the one circled in the first picture(thanks Grandma!) and i get my hieght and big hands from him, not to mention good looks.

My Grandpa got off a bike and into a car after Great Grandpa was killed. My dad didn't let that stop him. Pops never joined the force (whew!) but he and his cousins caught the dirt bike bug in high school and road them since then. He taught me, my brother, and sisters and most of the neighborhood kids to ride at an early age (i think i was 5 or 6) on a '77 YZ80. My dad never owned or road a Harley until last year when i put him on my shovel, but he was always buying '70s dirt bikes at yard sales that he'd fix and we'd all go riding around Utah on.
Thanks dad, i'm still riding 24 years later!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I had a lot of fun riding my shovel when it was like this...i kinda miss it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

1972 Chevy C-10 For Sale or Trade (sale pending)

I have done just about everything to this truck except the body and paint. IT has:
-2001 5.3L LS engine with Turnkey Engine Supply harness
-New Griffin aluminum radiator with heavy-duty Spal fans
-New Gear Star 4L65E transmission
-Rebuilt stock 12-bolt rearend with a 3.42:1 ring and pinion, Yukon axles, PML -diff cover, and a new Eaton Posi
-CPP Tubular upper and lower control arms
-CPP Tubular trailing arms
-CPP Dropped trailing arm crossmember
-CPP Adjustable rear trac bar
-CPP Dropped coils front and rear
-CPP Modular dropped spindles
-CPP 13” disc brakes in front
-CPP 10” disc brakes rear
-CPP New stock style brake booster and brake master cylinder
-CPP Tubular motor mounts
-CPP complete frontend rebuild
-New stock style Classic Instruments instrument cluster
-New ididit tilt column, w/new repro steering wheel
-New black ’72 Cheyenne seat upholstery
-New carpet, dash pad, visors
-New chrome bumpers, marker lights, side mirror
-New grill
-New 15x6 Cragar S/S wheels and thin whitewall tires for a real early ‘70s look
-New complete Flowmaster exhaust w/50 series mufflers, system is tucked up in the chassis to eliminate scrapping.
-Classic Auto Air air conditioning system installed, (needs bracket for compressor to LS engine)

I love the old truck, but i am trying to finish my other truck project and need a bike to commute on now. Looking for $10,500 or partial trade for a newer Dyna or clean FXR, or possible straight across for an '07+Dyna Street Bob.

email for more details.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Mcmullen

We finally have more AEE choppers Tees in stock as well as both Street Chopper 40th Anniversary shirts. Check the store,


i am finally going to have some time to get my shovel on the road, the last few months i have been busier than i ever have been in my whole life and this has just been sitting under a sheet in the garage since the end of January after the GNRS...

tons o fun

There's lots of stuff going on all over the country that should be good to check out, some of it we are happy to sponsor.
We'll be at The Hippy Killer Hoedown this weekend with the Born-Free Panhead.