Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2 for tuesday

the Raincoats were on 88.7 KSPC today. I listen to 100.3 often, and they like to play LOLA by the kinks a lot. Im beginning to hate that song. But this version is sooooo Bitchin. And its an all Lady band.

The Slits Heard it through the Grapevine
The Raincoats reminded me of the Slits and they should, they hit the scene in the same era, stoopid me, I thought that the raincoats were a new band. . .

Creedence Sweet Hitchiker
"looks like you wont have to worry about those Creedence tapes" I do believe that Grant posted this before, but i like it too.

Kinks Waterloo Sunset. The Roost is one of those great places that I wish we had in Fullerton, but we don't. You cant make a place like this, it has to be there. Unlike the "lodge" down the street, the Roost has Coors Banquet, a Jukebox, and an old Pabst drinking regular that looks like he used to be a sailor in the 40's-the 1840's. Last time I was there this was in my jukebox rocklist, as it came on this lithe sierra haired vision slid her seat over and caught my eye with hers through the wrinkled amber glass partition, her frumpy foibled flaxen haired friends fade from view. The way she bobbed her shoulders to the beat said it all, She knew i played it for her and I knew she knew as I finished my coors and walked out the door

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