Friday, October 29, 2010

Vintage Harpoon Pinstiping for sale

Harpoon striped (understatement) this monster MAC tool box for Jesse James many moons ago, looks like Jesse needs to pay some more bills. it's on EBAY RIGHT NOW

New Triumph SHirts are for sale!

Finally got our NEW FMA Pre-unit Triumph shirt done and ready for sale! it is the British answer to HD's "Live To Ride" campain and features a Pre-Unit motor surrounded by flames and oil and the new FMA slogan "Wrench To Ride, Ride To Wrench" which represents the viscious cycle of riding an old Brit bike.
They are $20 each and we have them in Mens s-XXL and womens S-L, CLICK HERE to buy.  

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let them speak!

Murry Baxter just picked up an FMA Short Velocity stack for his 113" rigid twin cam chopper and sent in some pics. Murry's own brand BAXTER makes some killer parts like a new stanless HD style handlebar clamp and BMX style pegs and such, chek them out HERE

We are going to have FMA short stacks for LINKERTS very soon and are working on them for CV carbs...these plus a few new parts and shirts and hoodies coming real soon!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great Scott!

You might need a time machine if you weren't at an AMC theater last night at 7pm for a showing of Back To the Future, exactly 25 years after it was released. To think that Doc Brown would be here now if the Libians hadn't foiled the orginal attempt!

Me, the QP, Poon, and the Little Red Tomato Head (guess i need a nickname!) went to the block in orange to get our fill. It was great to see it on the big screen again, crazy how young the actors were!

Monday, October 25, 2010


It's good bye to my shovel for a while just dropped it off to Makoto from Mooneyes so it can get loaded in the container to head for Yokohama.
After this last week of electrical stuff going haywire, lost a battery, coil, plugs, condensor, possibly a voltage regulator (replaced just in case), my once old reliable bike has driven me crazy and what a time to do it! not only did i want it to run well for its trip to japan and back, but i wanted to swap out a few parts to make sure it was lookin' sharp too. Got the new seat done, the tin primary on, and swapped the tired mikuni with a nice Super-B (ran out of time to setup the L-Series). I waited to swap the carb until i thought i was through the electrical gremlins, put the carb on, had even more trouble (this is when the coil went), luckily i have good friends like Domenic who is my HD mentor. There couldn't be a nicer and smarter guy out there, serious. He with his magic fingers got me out of swiftly approaching doom and gloom, then took off for the rest of yesterday afternoon for some alone time with the bike up Carbon Canyon, around CHino, back into Orange county with some solid freeway jammin, narry a worry. The day turned cold and cloudy, the kind of afternoons found in the winter (but without snow or fridgid temps!), but it felt good, esspecially with the new seat which is actually comfortable unlike th eold one. Not sure why i waited all year to make another! idiot!

When it comes back i'll hopfully have the chrome star hub 21" done for it i have been planning to build for 6 months so i can put the glide drum on the front. That and it'll be time to do the motor...maybe mild stroker...we'll see. bye buddy see you in December.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rock and roll show

the Beautiful Buzzards are NOT playing a show tomorrow night in Costa MEsa at the Tiki Bar with Wulfbane and Pistolero...barry smashed his hand so the buzzards are NOT playing. it'll be a good show anyway
Check out the new art by EZ, shirts will follow

The CHi-Town Hustle

For those headed to or already in the Chicago area this weekend, this is where you should be:

I heard Mr. Handsome Harlow has a special live art piece that you wont want to miss...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Triumph Tee Coming SOON!

Poon finally sat down with a sharpie one night after we had been brainstorming for a new Triumph tee and i blurted out "Wrench To Ride-Ride To Wrench" thinking about the poor fools that have to work on those pesky and popular Brit bikes all the time.  Poon penned a Pre Unit motor that's got a little garbage pail kids/sims slime ball flair...
They are all printed, we are just waiting for the FMA sew-in tags to arrive int he mail...check back next week!  

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


FOund this on the old geek machine's harddrive. From the the Grand National Roadster Show this past January. What a thrash to get the pile there! it still had no wiring, no ignition, no real way of working the rear brake...looked good though! probably the cleanest it ever was or will be.
I gotta for real put the L-series on and i am having a new seat i made upholstered as i type that'll leave me with the possibility of being able to reproduce. Sorry, the old seat is not for sale. All it is is a cut down a $30 swapmeet lepera and had it recovered. The new one will be more of a two up style, made a fiberglass pan that my friend Rudy of Auto Upholstery of Orange in Orange, CA is stitching up 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Everything should be SUPER!

I think everything would be better if it had "SUPER" in front of it, don't you? Who wouldn't want to own a SUPERBIKE then? I would!
I just picked up this clean low mile '83 (one-year only) Honda CB1100F, the first of the SUPERBIKES. it came from the estate of a racer and factory tech, had some Gucci Mikunis on it (which are gone) and a possibly super rare Bassani 4-1 pipe, motorwork? Maybe.
I gotta get some carbs, a battery, side covers, and some gas...if you have any side covers let me your Dyna SUPER (and not a superglide...)?
Did i mention it's 108HP stock?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

shoulda kept it

A little while ago i was selling all the parts i wasn't gonna use for sometime and this really nice 18-over HD inline springer was one of those items. It was sexy, done real nice with Ford radius rods that tapered perfect...had a long bike plan that got shelved until after we find a house...there may not be a better looking long frontend than a properly extended HD...
 Mike O up in the Central Coast area picked it up for his long bike project...i miss it already!

Aee Choppers

Our buddy Brent that used to work at AEE back in the day sent these pics and a note:

first one is Dain Gingerelli of Street Chopper and a guy named Sandy Roca (photog out of Northeast) judging a bike show in San Diego around 1973......Check out the rigid front end. I rode a rigid "everything" bike once. Scare the bejesus out of ya though with the right road they flex real nice! Bike has nice engraving on it though way too damn much.
Second one is outside AEE back in the day. That was Tom McMullen's bicycle Dain is wheeling. We used to dick off like that  alot. We also had a ten speed we raked the neck and stuck a bent up 18" over springer on. Evil handling bitch!!"

Friday, October 1, 2010

night moves

Mr. Wright

dice party at the Matchless in Brooklyn

blurry pic of an FMA Velocity Stack on a knuckle

bobber god

Born Free 2 shirt

Mr. Freston


Andre and Jim Davis

Steve "killer lens" Prew