Monday, November 30, 2009

Hat and Shirt Combo=Free shipping

All hat and shirt order combos from now until Xmas will get free shipping in the 48 states. Overseas orders will be $5 off shipping.
Make yourself or someone special happy this season...Just type in XMAS into the discount box when you order.

I love

Vintage guitars, pedals, and amps. There's something about old wood and electronics that does something for me. THe look, the smell, the feel, knowing it isn't some crap at Guitar Center that someone can just put on layaway, but most of all i think it's the sound and soul of old instruments. This holds true for old motorcycle and car parts too-its all honest stuff.

Here's my beloved 1970 Fender Precision bass. Steve Soest was kind enough to give me a smokin deal on this beaut' many years ago and i can't bring myself to play anything else. This thing really is like an old glove. Everything is stock except the pickgard (got an OG one for sale?). This thing through my cranky old silverface Fender Bassman 100 (that my good buddy Billy Zoom moded and maintains) and it is an unweildy beast! Super big and fuzzy, so who wants to make some beautiful music together? I think Vagrant Vinny broke up or something...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

DOn't be a turkey

have a good holiday, see you in a few days. Get out in the garage.


My how time flies...i found this picture that David Perry took just under 10 years ago. It was taken at the Shifters clubhouse on Walnut in Fullerton after we moved to the big shop in the end of the complex. These days were the good old days for me and many others. Myself, Kevin Sledge, and Vic Jimenez shared the shop ( i lived there for a while) and we would all show up after work and work on our hot rods to 10 or 12 o'clock at night, pretty much every day. We got a lot of stuff done back in those days before the dreaded "rat rod" infestation, back when they were still called hot rods.
Anyway, that's my '29 sedan on the left. It's on a '32 frame, '56 365 Cad motor, La Salle trans, '40 Ford rearend i converted to open drive, 16s, blackwalls, '32 wishbones, real dropped axle...i think it cost me $3500 to build it! Vic's '40 Merc on the right before he traded to to Kevin who has since built a sweet car out if it.
My how time flies...and things change...

Lee Pratt

Some of the reasons why Lee is THE man:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Born Loser

Our buddy,partner in Born-Free, and boob expert Mike over at Born Loser got some new threads done. Get 'em while they're hot!

salty knuck


I had a good bunch of years working for my old buddy Jimmy White at Circle City Hot Rods...Hi James. Here's us and a couple of cars we built.

Mr. Good Taste himself, Lee Pratt, was over at CCHR the other week picking up a truck load of chrome. Lee is a ruler for those that don't know...but you should.


What's not to smile about?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Back at it

I was in Phoenix for most of last week for work, its good to be back. Drove my '72 C-10 out there for its first roadtrip in 4 years, but she did good. Went down to Oceanside first, then out the 8 along the border. Never been that way before, pretty cool, kinda crazy. There is tons of Border Agents and a big black fence along alot of it.

Stopped By Love Cycles a bunch of times over the weekend and kept Jeremiah from working. He's got lost of good stuff going on inside his new place, check him out HERE.

Some random shots from the trip.

Skyrockets in flight!


Afternoon Delight should be the name of this coffin-ish tank which is for sale! Killer old paint job on it that's in decent shape. I only wiped it down and it should clean up even better.
It's vented like some of the old sporty tanks. It might not have ever even been run after it was painted judging by the two petcock plugs in the bottom that are still in there. The inside only has minimal surface rust. Mounts are hidden underneath and uses a T-bolt in the rear and a bung in the front, but could be carefully changed if you kept the welding to the tunnel/bottom.

Friday, November 20, 2009

new hats

we just got some new FMA hats done with everyone's favorite EZ design on a black and wite trucker hat that even fits the biggest of heads. Order HERE

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Double Trouble

fast 450s

Saw these two Honda 450 twins sittin around at the Miller Motorsports Park a few years ago. This engine was the first dual overhead cam twin.


Check out the plunger frame and the little air scoop in the rear backing plate. I think i'd want a front brake on this heavy hitter if i were riding it around.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Step into my office...

My buddy Mike just picked this up this sweet Elco. Gonna be rollin hard in Chino.

more stuff for sale

Vintage Bell 4-spoke steering wheel. For you hot rodders this thing is sweet. 17-inches in diameter, old old chrome, foam is still ok. run as is! $400

Born-Free 2 ..........June 12, 2010

Mark you calanders kids. Born-Free numero dos will be June 12th, 2010 if the world doesn't come to an end first. Looks like it's gonna be in the L-B-C AKA Long Beach, Californ-I-A. So make plans now. We'll let you know more details as they come.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

FS: 1938-1939 Knucklehead frame

As best i can tell, this is a '38 or '39 Knucklehead frame thats been setup for a panhead or shovelhead engine. The seat tube has been flattened on the motor side. There is about 1/2" of rake in the neck and the fatbob and dash mounts were shaved. Sidecar loops cut. Nice axle plates, seems straight, looks like it was part of a running bike not too long ago. This would make a sweet chopper frame, all the stuff you'd need to do for a killer bike has been done to the frame, so the blood isn't on your hands!
Email for more info, frame is located in orange county, california.

I got an email from the guy that last had this frame as a running bike with his 93" stroker shovel.
He said he had it straightened by a guy in San Jose named Puccio. Doesn't straighten them out anymore, but for years he was the go to guy in those parts. The rear cross tube under the seat was also replaced. the bushings in the brake cross over tube are new as well. The only thing Puccio didn't do was the top motor mount... which as you can see, broke on me. When I got it, it had already been clearanced for a shovel, and my 93" stroker fit in it like a glove. Attached is a shot of the bike I built with it. As you can see by the chair in the background of the photo - I painted it too.

Here's his shovel in the frame:

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks Grandpa

My Grandpa Peterson flew B-24 Liberators in WWII. He and my grandma (both are still alive) were in Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. I wish i had time to scan the pics i have of them, but here's a few of some B-24s and the dudes that flew em. I am lucky to have grandpa's flight jacket.
His dad, my great Grandpa, was a motorcycle cop back in the '40s in Salt Lake City and was hit and killed on his bike on duty. More pics i need to get...