Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My how time flies...i found this picture that David Perry took just under 10 years ago. It was taken at the Shifters clubhouse on Walnut in Fullerton after we moved to the big shop in the end of the complex. These days were the good old days for me and many others. Myself, Kevin Sledge, and Vic Jimenez shared the shop ( i lived there for a while) and we would all show up after work and work on our hot rods to 10 or 12 o'clock at night, pretty much every day. We got a lot of stuff done back in those days before the dreaded "rat rod" infestation, back when they were still called hot rods.
Anyway, that's my '29 sedan on the left. It's on a '32 frame, '56 365 Cad motor, La Salle trans, '40 Ford rearend i converted to open drive, 16s, blackwalls, '32 wishbones, real dropped axle...i think it cost me $3500 to build it! Vic's '40 Merc on the right before he traded to to Kevin who has since built a sweet car out if it.
My how time flies...and things change...

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