Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thanks Grandpa

My Grandpa Peterson flew B-24 Liberators in WWII. He and my grandma (both are still alive) were in Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. I wish i had time to scan the pics i have of them, but here's a few of some B-24s and the dudes that flew em. I am lucky to have grandpa's flight jacket.
His dad, my great Grandpa, was a motorcycle cop back in the '40s in Salt Lake City and was hit and killed on his bike on duty. More pics i need to get...


  1. That's awesome man! Very cool pics.

  2. I hope you find the time to scan in those pictures! I would love to see them!


  3. very cool Grant. I got to climb in to a 24 that the CAF has, it was unreal. The freaking flight deck was built out of plywood. Light and strong but I'm guessing it didn't do so hot if lead got thrown at it!
    I'm in to planes too, rode in a T-6 warbird last year over the Pacific and did aerobatics with the canopy open and parachute on.