Monday, November 30, 2009

I love

Vintage guitars, pedals, and amps. There's something about old wood and electronics that does something for me. THe look, the smell, the feel, knowing it isn't some crap at Guitar Center that someone can just put on layaway, but most of all i think it's the sound and soul of old instruments. This holds true for old motorcycle and car parts too-its all honest stuff.

Here's my beloved 1970 Fender Precision bass. Steve Soest was kind enough to give me a smokin deal on this beaut' many years ago and i can't bring myself to play anything else. This thing really is like an old glove. Everything is stock except the pickgard (got an OG one for sale?). This thing through my cranky old silverface Fender Bassman 100 (that my good buddy Billy Zoom moded and maintains) and it is an unweildy beast! Super big and fuzzy, so who wants to make some beautiful music together? I think Vagrant Vinny broke up or something...

1 comment:

  1. oh man, these basses are not cheap! fender p is the best. thats all we used when recording (the old ones). great low end and most all the punkers in the early days had them too. maybe thats what wrong with today's. music.... great pic!