Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lucky Kid

Poon painted this and and fender for our good friend Dominic's 15 year old son Dylan. Dylan isn't like most 15 year olds either, he's building a panhead. Not just any panhead either, A REALLY NICE ONE! He's a third generation Harley builder and soon to be rider. He and his sister grew up riding around in Dominic's '52 Pan sidecar bike, which is super clean! Dylan is working on his permit and getting the engine buttoned up. Stay tuned!

Really a winner

Despite what his blog is called, Mike Davis over at Born Loser has the eye for all things good looking. He puts together some fine scoots and always as a great selection of hard-to-find vintage parts. Check him out HERE!

More riding pleasure!

jOIN the hardest working nicest guy out there at his place before the speedway races August 22nd. And for Pete's sake by some bars or a shirt from him HERE! I love mine!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let's go for a ride this SUNDAY

Mike and I wanted do put this ride together again so here it is. Shouldn't be much in the way of freeway jammin' so you guys with Triumphs should be alright, repost.



Choppers aren't PC

Monday, July 27, 2009

Rid the Bad Joojoo

OK, gotta end the day with something more fun that the previous post.

Two things: Toru from Mooneyes in Japan has been spending time with us shooting some great photos. Here's some from the other day. And Toru, thanks for the sake! I'm hooked!

More news from across the Pacific! Looks like the new issue of Hardcore Chopper (Japan)is out now. They did a spread on So. Cal. painters like John Edwards and Harpoon. For Harpoons shoot we had about 6 bikes over here that he painted including Chopper Dave's Super Freak and flat track bike, Mark Drews' pan shovel, and Gilby Clarke's knuckle to name a few. i was lucky to have my shovel in the line up midway through it's fouth incarnation. Wish i had switched to the 4-over tubes and shaved lowers i have on there now, but whatever. I just ordered a copy from Hiro at Cycle Trash. Get Sum!

How's This

This weird happy-go-lucky, everyone's friends, land of blogs is making internet heros out of idiots. And it's not your fault because you don't know any better and how would you if someone doesn't tell you, since you're 1000 or 5000 miles away from where it's all "happening". But if you love choppers and motorcycles for all the right reasons, find out what it is that you are buying into. You'll figure it out.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

In the Wind on a Friday night

One of my favorite David Mann paintings is "In the Wind On a Friday Nite" Its an early one that depicts a group of bikers cruing down PCH into malibu. the background is so simplistic and beauthiful. Anyway I have wanted to ride up to Malibu for quite sometime now and finally had a good reason to and a destination. Neptunes Net. The wingnuts rode out there last sunday and I missed out. The ride up at sunset was lane-splittingly sweet(no point making this drive with a car-or saddlebags), but it got cold for our return, but thanks to Frank Kaisler and the easyriders/inthewind mags he kicked down I was just fine. One article talked about stuffing your clothing with newspapers as insulation-thank you "Malibu Times"
they fish and chips there were amazing(i used to only eat the kind of fish that came in a yellow box), and you can get a tallboy of COORS!

On my way home I stopped at the A&Z nutwagon in East LA. Been coming here since I was a little kid. The best beef jerky ever! Bought a pound for swapmeet provisions. and sunflower seeds and honeyroasted almonds and ...So glad I have a sissy bar. How did I ever live without it?

things break when you ride them

rode out to the lbc to see Vagrant Vinny and the Instigators at Alex's, missed the show but saw a crazy fight. Met up with Beau on his sweet 72 CB 175. super low mileage cream puff. We hit the Pike just in time to see some old fat lady get real rowdy with one of the locals. The cholos in the apt. across the way were throwing rocks at her and then her keys got thrown on the roof. No ma'am i dont think i can get that for you. Would you believe Tommy's closes at 1am? How dare they. So off to the shore house in belmont. More drama. foxy drunk girls yelling at each other and showing everyone their panties. The baja chicken sandwhich there is quite amazing on the buttery croissant.
Why is my thigh cold and wet?

petcock broke. took a year to happen but it did. And we didnt catch fire! Dont make them like they used to, or i just made it too tight.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

new life

My old bottom end is now the heart of Jeff Holt's 40th Anniversary Street Chopper shovelhead! He just picked up the fresh motor from Rico last night. Check out more of the bike build HERE

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Street Chopper 40th Anniversary Shirts!

Get your new Street Chopper 40th Anniversary shirts now! Jeff Holt over at Street Chopper got a hold of us to put these together and Harpoon whipped up the designs. Each is two-sided with the circular Street Chopper 40th logo on the chest. Each is short sleeve and are available in Youth L, mens S, M, L, XL, and XXL. $20 each.
The first is the black on white skull design.

The second is the silver metallic ink on black old Gothic logo.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hair Farmin'

We (Vagrant Vinny & The Instigators) played Revolution Mother's record release show last friday night. Good times. Chris From Blue Collar Moto took some pics. I wish all the ORANGE gear was ours, but all Mike had was a lousy T-shirt on.


Graveyard finally came back to the USofA to play in LA the other night. The Swedes got down. Here's them playing Thin Line from last Saturday. Buy their album on TeePee records. They have a roster that includes Earthless, Witch, The Warlocks, Night Horse, etc...


Fawn, sporting the coolest cutoff out there.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer

It's hot. Esspecially in our lath and plaster box of a house. Caught Jeffry takin a snooze in the coolest spot in the joint yesterday.

And The QP's wish finally came true, we got a dog. The dog now known as Clyde was found by Jeff G Holt's neighbor and after a little bonding, took him home. He likes short walks around the block, to have his butt skratched, and taking naps. Sounds kinda like me!

Friday, July 17, 2009

sweet T

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

chrome pig

Rode up to the Moon BBQ this past saturday and rode out with Alonzo an Rene. Rene's show winning sportster sounds like a top fuel car going down the street, and Alonzo's the only guy on the planet who has shinier hair than the chrome on his bike. Seeing some friends a few good burgers and an incredible pass down norwalk by some capt. insano and his 57 chev gasser made for a great day.

One-Off sale

Monday, July 13, 2009

Cherry Bomb

joan Jett still rules. She's playing the OC fair nthis Thursday...

Doves were cryin'

Best thing at the long beach swap a month or two ago...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

bad mav

not tom c or mel b...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Drag Punk (tm) is almost BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, due to popular demand we are going to be busting out with "Drag Punk" again in the near future! All black tee's 50/50 blend. silver or white ink. the closeup image on the left and the 55 on the right are for men and the middle is for the ladies. We have one Drag Punk shirt in our online store now, a ringer with a Hemi on it

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

thers a doins transpiring

there is just something about sportster fenders and lighting that goes so well with sissy bars.

Gary D Polis

Here he is, the man with the smoothest hands in town. Gary is one top-notch painter and detail man. I trust the man to make everything i paint slicker than a cats ass. He's building a neato shovel too.

Hey Tony! Finish this chopper!!!!!!!!

My friend and yours, Anthony Robinson in Seattle, has a sweet panhead that this is for. And I sure wish he would finish it, although he does have his hands full with another sweet pan and a family, and probably some other projects i dont even know about. Cant wait to burn down the hiway with ya.


we were studying cubism in art history at PCC at the particular point in time when I was painting this. Needless to say it had some affect on this job and influenced this cubist-cycledelic portrait of the golden gate bridge-since this cat is from Frisco.

the Mussy

As requested below. Here is John Edwards amazing 56 F-100. To my knowledge one of the first guys around so-cal, in this era anyway along with Anthony Castenada, to bust out a full show flake job and run it on the streets with Radirs and narrow whitewall bias-plys. Johns always had class and is one of my favorite painters. The truck is now a big window and is awaiting a full rebuild.

New Shirt

We have the new shovelhead long bike shirt in stock! We redesigned it and made it GLOW IN THE DARK!!!! That's right! This mutha glows int he dark! It's in our store and also available in fitted ladies shirts and soon to be hoodies. We have more designs on the way, along with AEE and Chopped Out hats and stickers!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

From last Friday night...

Pentagram played just for Chopper Dave's Birthday. Dave's review, "it changed my life!". I agree, so did the pizza!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Good times

Our friend and former AEE employee from Napa, CA sent this pic of him hanging out with Arlen while sporting his favorite AEE T-shirt. Get one for yourself in our store.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009


happy 4th in case we have a geek machine-free weekend.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


from the Hot Rod magazine article on the sweet machine below

love truck

Spotted at the F100 nats the other weekend. For some reason the show pulls in at least one sweet survivor, cept this one was semi-restored. 90% of the chrome was original to 1965. Dig the see-thru firewall, spinning buckets and the grille of insanity. lil wayne who? Now its Jedwards 2nd turn to resurrect the full show F100. Anyone remeber the first? My all-time favorite truck.. That thing was BAD. Tiring smoking 327 4-speed metalflake kandy paneled chrome running boards throwing chew in the guys face who just got beat down at the doll hut BAD.