Sunday, December 26, 2010

POSTPONED!!!------------------First Ride of 2011!!!

SO the first ride has been postponed due to possible stormy weather, stay tuned for a date, should be later this month>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Josh from Utility Boardshop has put together a First Ride for kicking off 2011 which also ties in with Born-Free 3. Make your First Ride of the new year to Downtown Upland CA Jan.2nd from 10am to 4pm. Utility Boardshop will be selling the Born-Free 3 Knucklehead posters w/ free tickets in their retail store and everyone who buys one gets a FREE Born-Free/Utility/Vans limited run T shirt! These shirts are only available the day of the event. Cory Miller(legendary tattoo artist) has graciously offered to open up his art gallery & serve refreshments to all those who attend. His band Powerflex 5 will also be playing a free show.
What to expect... Bikes, Music, Art and Mike Stills is making a batch his famous pickled eggs to go with some cool beverages...what more do you need???

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Xmas sale, spoil yourself

And buy this sweet sickle! Special Festivus pricing. CLICK HERE for more info. It has more twisted '70s part on it than you can shake a cocktail shaker muffler at (it has those too!). Will ship anywhere (sale pending)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Asphalt Gods book now available

Asphalt Gods is a book by our friend and Midway City phenomenon Gabe Griffin and is a wonderful pictorial of the Heathens MC of SoCal from back in the day. CLICK HERE to buy one, they are limited.

From Gabe about the project, he's also been workin on a film documentary about the Heathens...stay tuned.

"This is a project that has been on the top of my OCD list for the last three or four years. I started out playing music with lyrics from a 60's club members point of view and that turned into a three camera, two car shoot from California to South Dakota to interview the original members of the Venice and South Bay Heathens Motorcycle Family. Crazy. I couldn't believe I was going to actually do it while I was coordinating the camera crew and renting vehicles. If someone came to me and said "hey, I'm going to hang out with this motorcycle gang that I met. You want to bring a video camera and film it?" I would think that guy was crazy. Motorcycle clubs don't put up with that shit. Well, this group liked me enough to let me sit down with them and tell the story of the rise and fall of their club in the 70's and 80's. Hours and hours and hours of video footage, interviews, hundreds of vintage photos collected and too many crazy stories to tell in one sitting. That turned into the book that you see here. It turns out editing is extremely expensive and this movie is going to take a good chunk of time in the editing booth."

Monday, December 20, 2010

Born-Free 3 Newz you can Uze

Fret not if you missed out on the Born-Free Panhead this past year at Born-Free 2 you can take a swing at the Knucklehead we'll be handing over the title to at Born-Free 3 June 25th, 2011! That's right, a knucklehead, but not just any knucklehead---a Garage Company built knucklehead! Yoshi and his main man Kiyo are putting together a sweet knuckle to our specs that some lucky SOB will be taking home next year. CLICK HERE or the Born-Free 3 icon on the right side of the page to order your 3-color silk screened poster by our pals at Icon Screening (they do all our FMA gear!) along with your ticket to win the knucklehead. The bike is being built with most all original HD parts and accesories, not some slopped together POS full of import garbage! Get your ticket today!


this Sweet Flathead was put together by Joe Dynamite and hit the scene for a minute. The tank blew me away and reminded me a bit of my own. I really wish I knew where my tank came from, but that I may never know. At least Joe will know if he looks below-straight up from an East Coast "garbage wagon" or "chicken box" circa 1969. that thing is as cool as it is loaded. Think about how happy these tanks are not to have died by over illumination, but to now live under the care of Masa from the VISE crew in Nagoya.

California Blue

After 12 years of searching i finally located a veiling gun. And then I got the best project imaginable to use it on. Shige, the big man at Moon, asked me to do another paintjob for him. This time it was to be on a period Triumph showbike. I told Shige that I would paint this as a tribute to the late Larry Watson, incorporating some of his pioneering techniques(well quite honestly just about every paintjob is a tribute to the Leader-the man started just about every paint trend out there before there was anything else) one a request by Shige for Lace and two the Veling panels. Then I added a little bit of Bill Carter flair to the signature(and Bill Carter grain to the pearl!). This paintjob was a lot of fun. Thank you for asking me to paint your bike Shige!!!!!!!!!!!
Ladies love the California Blue! On the left is the lovely Minako. She is quite talented. Dig her artwork here Thank you for the great cupcakes Minako!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

California Blue with the Freak'n Four. Shige's favorite color is definetely blue!

Pinstriping at the show. This one was cut close due to a true comedy of errors.

Robt. Williams looking on in approval. He told me it was beautiful. Truly one of the all-time greatest compliments I have ever received.

I made this little present(omiyage) for Shige before I knew what he intended on naming the bike. I nearly fell over when I saw the showcard with the name California Blue on it. Mochi took this photo on setup day. I really dig how the Larry Watson memorial card is in the frame. As if my hero was looking down in approval. Thank you Mochi.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Cal-Modified Ripple Pipe available soon exclusively from Freedom Machinery & Accessories.
look close, no attention to detail spared to bring you the finest Ripple Pipe anywhere
From the golden age of kustom machinery
Larry Howards Glitter Cycle showbike from the early 1960's

Read all about it. Big news on the FMA product line front. We have been working with Richard Reyes at CAL MODIFIED for quite some time now to bring you what you have all been wanting. RIPPLE PIPE. The most authentic Ripple Pipe on the market to be sure. This is nothing new for Cal Modified. The folks at Cal Modified have spent years researching the original and developing their process for producing a superior product. Each section is handcrafted in the USA of the finest materials in Southern California and is not overpriced "pep boys flex tube". Our Cal Modified Ripple Pipes will be available in multiple lengths, for several applications in 2 levels of finish: slip-on or weld-on form to make your own pipes. Stay tuned for more product photos, availability and options-and as always kustom orders will still available. As you can see on the below 2 show winning Triumph's, Cal-Modifieds kustom applications have been around for quite some time now in limited availability, limited until now that is

Here is a Pre-Unit show bike built by 4Aces cycle equipped with an extended section of Ripple accented with bell tips. At the 2009 GNRS this bike took top honors in its class. Well deserved might I add, with chrome frame and sweet paintjob by the legendary Nick-O-Teen.

Stretch's pre-unit show bike at the 2009 GNRS. This seldom seen beautiful machine has kustom 4 inch sections of Ripple and is sporting a paintjob by yours truly.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

GARAGE MAHAL Friday night!!!

Tune in tomorrow to see Grant in action on an episode of GARAGE MAHAL on the DIY Network at 5:30 (PST). Did I mention Bill Goldberg is the host of the show????

This post was brought to you by THE QP (and Clyde he was sleeping on my lap while typing).

toy run

this saturday, rain or shine we are going to have a good time. Some of my students are in 2 rocknroll blues bands and will be rockin out hard. If you cant make it, please take a new unwrapped toy or donation down to your local fire station for their sparks of love program.
See you there.

love ear art

the geese are themy favorite part
his sporty
Hajime, Gen, Godzilla, 24, Mochi
2 painters, 2 countries, 2 friends, too stoked
Last year after the show we saw this van roll down the streets of Yokohama and thought that it was the coolest thing ever and how we wished we could hang out with that guy. Well we got our wish this year. Gen operates Love Ear Art. Love Ear being the translation of Japanese slang for wife. This year the HRCS had a motorcycle paintjob competition of which Shige gave the great honor and extremely difficult task of picking the winner. After much deliberation I kept coming back to Gen's tank, for its shear beauty and complexivity that was just beyond me. There were a lot of amazing tanks out there for sure-check them out yourself

Gen is one of the most sincere psychedelic painters that I have met. truly an individual who lives his paintjobs.

Monday, December 13, 2010

we're back

Poon, THe QP, and I are all back from a more than amazing time in Japan. It was non-stop adventure for sure. We were lucky to have a big group of our friends over in the far East with us and 8 of us stayed almost a week longer than normal. We jumped on the bullet train and headed west to amazing cities like Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyoto. Each day got more fun and unusual than the last and were filled with chu-hi, vending machines filled with boss coffee, sars masks, kamanohashi jokes, lugging bags across the country, "do you have chicken?", hand shakes, hugs, and seemingly communicating through laughter when language got in the way until we finally had to come back to so called real life. It was so nice not having a cell phone or computer for 8 days it's been hard to want to use either one now.
I was also able to celebrate my birthday there and was surprised in three cities with cake and good people, thank all of you!
i have 2400 pics to go through, plus the QP was shooting video, stay tuned. I'm sure many have seen the bikes from the show already on blogs from all over the globe...what a blast it was to ride my shovel there. THanks to Shige and the whole Moon staff, Goshu get well.

Linkert Velocity stack Update

Man oh man! Did i goof! When we got the Linkert Stacks ready i apparently didn't put them in the FMA online Store, d'oh! If you want one CLICK HERE!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Later Aligator

We are off to Japan in the morning and are more than excited to say the least. We are running around like chickens with our heads cut off at the moment. Obviously we won't be here to ship any new orders out, we return Decemember 11th and we'll resume then. If you are attending the Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod & Custom show, stop by and say hi!

If you want something to do Saturday December 11th and are in southern California, come see this show:

Sunday, November 28, 2010

good tunes

Just put on my favorite Frank Black record, Show Me Your Tears, while packing orders this morning. It's an album i bought many years ago because i like the pixies and the cover, but wasn't feeling it for about 6 months, then it clicked and it got better and better every listen. Pretty much a solid sender from start to finish except i skip the first song now it or you kids that are good with a geek machine i'm sure you can figure out how to download it.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Looks like our good pal JD king has got his chopper back up with the new tins I sprayed a while back. check out his blog on the right for some good times and good music.

when you see this tank you're supposed to hear Waylon Jennings and Neil Young at the same time. Kinda like this:

Friday, November 26, 2010

tangled up in Blue

Added some lines to the Chevrobey dash the other day always nicer to do with the glass out. the car is coming together great over at Circle City Hot Rods, not quite as good as Jimmy White singing new wave hits all the live long day, but then what could be?

a Bob Dylan kinda day via Jimi Hendrix

its black friday and Im painting every color but. Mooneyes Yokohama is right around the corner and Grant an I are feeling like a Rolling Stone for sure. it feels an awful lot like Keith at least it did after our super amazing thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Order a Velocity Stack fromnow until the end of the weekend and get a free L-Series Shirt! Just make mention of your size in your paypal payment and presto!
Remember we have velocity stacks for S&S Super E/G, S&S Super B/L-Series/bendix/kehin/and now LInkert! Stacks for CV carbs are in the works right now, stay tuned.
Click HERE for the FMA Store

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fresh off the boat!

Usually you have fun with your bike and without your bike. It's not often that it has fun without you! Well, i just got an email from Mooneyes owner, Shige, and my bike is having lots of fun without me in Japan! Apparently with Dean and Duane's bikes!
I can't wait to see those waters in Yokohama again!

Are you ready for Born-Free 3?

You better be! People get ready!
CLICK HERE for all your Born-Free 3 newz you can uze. Knucklehead tickets will be available very soon and will be sent to you along with a 12x18 screenprinted poster of this:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More new shirts!

we have a few new items for you just in time for the holidays, for you or a friend! CLICK HERE TO BUY

First is the new FMA L-Series pocket tee. It's gat an old S&S L-series GBL carb with one of our FMA short velocity stacks on it, reminiscent of an old shop shirt. $20!

Next is the FMA USA raven design, but now on full zip hoodies and a few crew neck sweat shirts. It's chilly out there, dress warm!

Monday, November 22, 2010


looks like the third weekend in december will be quite the two wheeled good time, what with our toy run and the release of TRON legacy. The original light cycle sequence in TRON really blew my youth mind and had a good deal to do with embedding motorcycles into my brain, that and the local chuck e cheese had the arcade version too.

dig this trailer

Plus Jeff Bridges is back. Mr. Bridges being one of our favorite actors here at the FMA rancho. Unless his co-star is Barbara Streisand of course. And if that werent enough there is a remake of True Grit starring Mr. Bridges, that i must see too. Big John Wayne fans over here as well!!!!

anyway here is the og lightcycle sequence if you've never seen it(gasp)
sorry if im turning into an ad agency here, but im just really stoked and havent been at the movies for quite some time.

it happens

to the best of us. As epic as the earlier Roth posters were, and everything else that followed, this may be the best David Mann painting ever. I wont show you what i did, but this captures it all.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

freak out the squares

on a lark i drew this image on a care package for our PA homies at FOTS kinda the way Von Dutch would do. They really liked it so much, it is now available as a sticker. Get yours from them here, or buy something from them and get one free, besides, money-spending is good.
and heres the Lou Reed Muppet freaking out the squares

dig it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Rain

These last few weeks or so I've been listening to Use Your Illusion 1, a lot(I dont have 2). its replaced the Velvet Underground in its continual rotation in the spray booth. And I've been noticing a lot more GNR airplay on the radio lately. It's really cool when you hear GNR on more than one station at the same time. Then today, driving in the cold november rain to go paint, I hear the song come on, and I think about what I was painting two Novembers ago-None other than our friend Gilby Clarke's Knucklehead chopper. The paintjob looks like it has raindrops on it. November Rain-drops...

all day

so I've had the kinks on my earwaves. I wish i knew which sinatra album sleeve i put my kinks record into. and this live cut from the 80's is badass

then stumbled on this-i hope youve seen mystery men

and then there is tommorrow.

but today its raining

and this is all anyone needs

all tommorrows open house parties

so i just found out today that tommorow is an open house at Illusion Cycles. So now I have a perfect excuse to post this license plate I saw outside of the slidebar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and we do