Sunday, December 19, 2010


Cal-Modified Ripple Pipe available soon exclusively from Freedom Machinery & Accessories.
look close, no attention to detail spared to bring you the finest Ripple Pipe anywhere
From the golden age of kustom machinery
Larry Howards Glitter Cycle showbike from the early 1960's

Read all about it. Big news on the FMA product line front. We have been working with Richard Reyes at CAL MODIFIED for quite some time now to bring you what you have all been wanting. RIPPLE PIPE. The most authentic Ripple Pipe on the market to be sure. This is nothing new for Cal Modified. The folks at Cal Modified have spent years researching the original and developing their process for producing a superior product. Each section is handcrafted in the USA of the finest materials in Southern California and is not overpriced "pep boys flex tube". Our Cal Modified Ripple Pipes will be available in multiple lengths, for several applications in 2 levels of finish: slip-on or weld-on form to make your own pipes. Stay tuned for more product photos, availability and options-and as always kustom orders will still available. As you can see on the below 2 show winning Triumph's, Cal-Modifieds kustom applications have been around for quite some time now in limited availability, limited until now that is

Here is a Pre-Unit show bike built by 4Aces cycle equipped with an extended section of Ripple accented with bell tips. At the 2009 GNRS this bike took top honors in its class. Well deserved might I add, with chrome frame and sweet paintjob by the legendary Nick-O-Teen.

Stretch's pre-unit show bike at the 2009 GNRS. This seldom seen beautiful machine has kustom 4 inch sections of Ripple and is sporting a paintjob by yours truly.


  1. i want some ripple pipe, with flared ends, two lengths 16 inch long, weld on variety, would you ship to manchester uk m298re, email me if you will,