Monday, December 20, 2010

California Blue

After 12 years of searching i finally located a veiling gun. And then I got the best project imaginable to use it on. Shige, the big man at Moon, asked me to do another paintjob for him. This time it was to be on a period Triumph showbike. I told Shige that I would paint this as a tribute to the late Larry Watson, incorporating some of his pioneering techniques(well quite honestly just about every paintjob is a tribute to the Leader-the man started just about every paint trend out there before there was anything else) one a request by Shige for Lace and two the Veling panels. Then I added a little bit of Bill Carter flair to the signature(and Bill Carter grain to the pearl!). This paintjob was a lot of fun. Thank you for asking me to paint your bike Shige!!!!!!!!!!!
Ladies love the California Blue! On the left is the lovely Minako. She is quite talented. Dig her artwork here Thank you for the great cupcakes Minako!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

California Blue with the Freak'n Four. Shige's favorite color is definetely blue!

Pinstriping at the show. This one was cut close due to a true comedy of errors.

Robt. Williams looking on in approval. He told me it was beautiful. Truly one of the all-time greatest compliments I have ever received.

I made this little present(omiyage) for Shige before I knew what he intended on naming the bike. I nearly fell over when I saw the showcard with the name California Blue on it. Mochi took this photo on setup day. I really dig how the Larry Watson memorial card is in the frame. As if my hero was looking down in approval. Thank you Mochi.


  1. Very handsome paint and bike. And I do like that sprung hub.

  2. Harpoon.
    I'm Minako.
    I was glad to meet you again at Yokohama.
    Thank you for a wonderful picture!