Monday, December 13, 2010

we're back

Poon, THe QP, and I are all back from a more than amazing time in Japan. It was non-stop adventure for sure. We were lucky to have a big group of our friends over in the far East with us and 8 of us stayed almost a week longer than normal. We jumped on the bullet train and headed west to amazing cities like Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyoto. Each day got more fun and unusual than the last and were filled with chu-hi, vending machines filled with boss coffee, sars masks, kamanohashi jokes, lugging bags across the country, "do you have chicken?", hand shakes, hugs, and seemingly communicating through laughter when language got in the way until we finally had to come back to so called real life. It was so nice not having a cell phone or computer for 8 days it's been hard to want to use either one now.
I was also able to celebrate my birthday there and was surprised in three cities with cake and good people, thank all of you!
i have 2400 pics to go through, plus the QP was shooting video, stay tuned. I'm sure many have seen the bikes from the show already on blogs from all over the globe...what a blast it was to ride my shovel there. THanks to Shige and the whole Moon staff, Goshu get well.

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