Thursday, December 16, 2010

love ear art

the geese are themy favorite part
his sporty
Hajime, Gen, Godzilla, 24, Mochi
2 painters, 2 countries, 2 friends, too stoked
Last year after the show we saw this van roll down the streets of Yokohama and thought that it was the coolest thing ever and how we wished we could hang out with that guy. Well we got our wish this year. Gen operates Love Ear Art. Love Ear being the translation of Japanese slang for wife. This year the HRCS had a motorcycle paintjob competition of which Shige gave the great honor and extremely difficult task of picking the winner. After much deliberation I kept coming back to Gen's tank, for its shear beauty and complexivity that was just beyond me. There were a lot of amazing tanks out there for sure-check them out yourself

Gen is one of the most sincere psychedelic painters that I have met. truly an individual who lives his paintjobs.

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