Monday, December 20, 2010

Born-Free 3 Newz you can Uze

Fret not if you missed out on the Born-Free Panhead this past year at Born-Free 2 you can take a swing at the Knucklehead we'll be handing over the title to at Born-Free 3 June 25th, 2011! That's right, a knucklehead, but not just any knucklehead---a Garage Company built knucklehead! Yoshi and his main man Kiyo are putting together a sweet knuckle to our specs that some lucky SOB will be taking home next year. CLICK HERE or the Born-Free 3 icon on the right side of the page to order your 3-color silk screened poster by our pals at Icon Screening (they do all our FMA gear!) along with your ticket to win the knucklehead. The bike is being built with most all original HD parts and accesories, not some slopped together POS full of import garbage! Get your ticket today!

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