Monday, August 31, 2009

Guitar Men

These dudes play some wild gee-tar. Check the boys out HERE


Gettin down

keepin it down

Sunday, August 30, 2009

We Proudly Present to you...

Spread the word, repost, etc, be there. The show is open to just about any bike of vintage variety with the emphisis on old choppers. Those with new XR's and Triumphs, etc are certainly welcome.

Friday, August 28, 2009

PSSSSSSST! Save the Date Vintage Bike show

Freedom Machinery & Accessories and Born Loser are proud to announce an event we are organizing and Classic Cycles in Orange will open up the shop & be the host. Our friends from Old Tyme Paint, Love Cycles, 4Q, Four Aces, OBEY, CHICA Custom Cycles, Utility Board shop, Greasy Kulture Magazine, DicE Magazine, Street CHopper Magazine, Cycle Source Magazine, Moore's Cycle, The Mind Pill, Church of Choppers, Lowbrow Customs, Noise, Trohpy Queen, Chopper Dave, Joy Rides, Bluemoon Customs, Hi Bond Modified, Dago Speed Shop, HEAVY CLothing, Road Dog Kustoms, Death Manchine Corps, Kemosabe & The Lodge, and a growing list of many others are donating everything to make this a FREE event for all!
We will have lot's food[ The Taco Lady ] mixed BBQ & adult drinks & more. We will be giving away T-shirts, hats, stickers, parts, vintage bike parts, ect from our sponsors. All bikes welcome but prizes will awarded to vintage bikes only with some really cool catagories...You have been working on it all summer, gathering the rare parts for it, staring at it in the garage and now it's time to bring it out... you got a month do it. More details coming soon..Mark the date Saturday Sept. 26th from 1pm to 6pm with the bike "show" from 2-4. A ride will follow the event. If anybody wants to donate time ,food & drinks or the goods for the prizes and giveaways please contact Mike Davis at or Grant Peterson at and stay tuned, we'll have the offical flyer by this monday.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FS: NOS Rawlings Motor Maniacs pocket T

SOLD!!!!New Old Stock shop shirt from the late '70s/early '80s, pre-EVo. Rawlings Motor Maniacs Speed & Custom from Fresno, California. Logo is on the pocket as well, XL, expect to fit like a large. $40, $5 shipping in the USA, $15 worldwide. Email to buy.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


He's sleeping, the little guy is all tuckered out.

The fun house chopper

FS: NOS Dale Patterson 7-color originals circa '79 and '80

Amazing 30 year old New Old Stock Dale Patterson 7-color original screenprinted shirts. These shirts are killer! Pig Iron dates to '79 and the 74 shirt dates to '80 as best i can tell. They are both brand new, never worn or washed, 100% cotton now vintage Hanes BEFFY-T's. The ad pictured is from Easyriders from '81.
There is only one XL of each of the two shirts and expect it to fit more like a large because the way shirts were cut back then. $50 each plus $5 shipping the 48 states, $15 world wide. email, first come, first served. I'm going to keep putting up more NOS vintage chopper shirts from the late '70s and early '80s, so check back daily.

SALE Pending!! The 74 shirt is two sided, Front:


Monday, August 24, 2009

The Warlocks

I love a band from LA called The Warlocks. Been a fan for more than a few years now, but i still think SURGERY is their best (followed by Phoenix)and the shows they played around that time (2005?). With a name like this and having two drumers, you conjur up all kinds of heavy riffage, but they aren't heavy in those terms. Put some headphones on and sit back at night with the lights out and they are BIG on SURGERY. They can have anywhere between 5 and 10 people playing with them at any point in time or tour.
I shot lots of their shows for them and posterity as well as a few promo shoots for their Heavy Devy Skull Lover album that ran in a bunch of magazines (that i never got a physical copy of...) in the US and many in Europe (Americans still love shit for music).


lots of things happened over the weekend, some good, some whatever, some bad. worked on my shovel frame a bunch=good. missed T-bone's get together=bad. LB swapmeet=good. hung out with the QP and went to bed early on sunday night=good. Poon got hit by a car this morning riding his panhead on the way to teach the first day of school=bad. The lady "didn't see him" and made a right turn from the left lane going the same way as him. Luckily he's OK, pretty banged up though, lots of lumps and little cuts. Pretty luck actually, bike wasn't totally mangled either but it's still a bummer. bent rim, risers, sissy bar, foot controls, pipes, chain guard, scraped lots of stuff too.
Be careful out there.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

the cool kids

have one wheel choppers! Fill'er up!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Deamons B gone

It was an honor to be the first to shoot Exorcist's Delight for the next Street Chopper since its fresh restoration(Kayelynn and Chopper Jim were still putting it together two hours before this outtake was taken).

Denver hisself on her on the date which is obvious.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The fruits of the devil

can you say sweet Triumph? Say hello to Satan!

And speaking of Triumph drag bikes...don't forget about our race-ready RED Pre Unit Triumph drag bike shirt we've been selling the crap out of for over a year now...don't be fooled by un-chopped out imatations...maybe pair this with one of our sharp lookin' hats!

Happy B-day buddy

Mr. Harpoon turned 29 today, let's party!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

its official!!!!!!!!

Gabe, Mark and myself will be riding our California Panheads into Yokohama this December! We are really stoked to just ride together on the streets here, but now we get to do that in Japan! and into the best show on earth. This will probably the only place anyone will get to see the enigmatic Gabe as he wanders the earth like Cain in Kung Fu. . .dig it

Friday, August 7, 2009

What dreams are made of

we found enough junk at the last swap to build a new two wheeled freedom machine. Worms tried it all on for size and it was good.

Smiles for miles

sure wish i still had a hot rod...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


My ex-bandmate Darin's dad, Tom Wood, pullin' a wheelie on a sweet old Honda.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Harpoon got down with the ever faithful Sharpie a while back and came up with this new FMA design. Now you can sport it in style on an all black medium crown trucker hat (the kind that us dudes with fat heads can wear!). They are in the online store under the men's shirt for now until I restructure the webstore...hopefully this week. They are $20 and any hat AND shirt order through the end of the month will get free shipping in the 48 states (I'll refund it through paypal).

Last Sunday Shinanagins

Sunday's Cooks Corner run was full of surprises! First off, congrats to Mike D for having a baby girl early sunday morning!
Thanks to all the riders that came out from all over Southern California, i think there were 30+ at one point with 30 strong most of the day. We had a bit of a change in plans once we were at Cooks. There were a couple of pigs checking helmets and bikes trying to drum up a little revenue. Luckily they split before making it to any of our stuff, so we jammed! We were also tipped off to a manned sound check on Santa Margarita, so all 30 something bikes took El Toro to the 5 Freeway to the Ortega, stopped for gas and to wait for stragglers.
It was a beautiful and fun ride up the Ortega to Hells Kitchen, hung out there for some food and drinks. Some people had to split by this time and some of us went down the Elsinore side for gas and then back up and over the Ortega. Good times, most of us were probably out on the road until at least 4 pm, my red nose proves it.
Stay tuned for next month, we want to do something a little different.

busy weekend!

Jeff Holt and i jammed out to kingman, Arizona on Saturday to meet up with Kaylynn and Chopper Jim at Dream Machines to shoot 7, yes 7 original Denver's Choppers for the next issue of Street Chopper Magazine!