Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last Sunday Shinanagins

Sunday's Cooks Corner run was full of surprises! First off, congrats to Mike D for having a baby girl early sunday morning!
Thanks to all the riders that came out from all over Southern California, i think there were 30+ at one point with 30 strong most of the day. We had a bit of a change in plans once we were at Cooks. There were a couple of pigs checking helmets and bikes trying to drum up a little revenue. Luckily they split before making it to any of our stuff, so we jammed! We were also tipped off to a manned sound check on Santa Margarita, so all 30 something bikes took El Toro to the 5 Freeway to the Ortega, stopped for gas and to wait for stragglers.
It was a beautiful and fun ride up the Ortega to Hells Kitchen, hung out there for some food and drinks. Some people had to split by this time and some of us went down the Elsinore side for gas and then back up and over the Ortega. Good times, most of us were probably out on the road until at least 4 pm, my red nose proves it.
Stay tuned for next month, we want to do something a little different.


  1. Yes...looks like it was a fun ride and great turnout.I think I will be good for the next one.Hats look great.

  2. Good times! Was up at Knollwood again in your neck of the woods yesterday... gotta catch up and ride.