Friday, January 30, 2009

Someone got some new bars...

T-bone Did it up solid with these bars today. Told him what I wanted and BINGO!
Check out more of T-Bone's skills and to order bars HERE

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Larry Watson

Wednesday, January 28, 2009



Jonny No Fly, Eddie, and Scott Craig wrastlin' while I shot the Moon Cricket (RIP)

west LA fadeawy

Canters sample plater. Roast Beef. Corned Beef. Pastrami.

Trophy Queen and Tammy.

I heard about this art show up near Canters in LA.
I had never rode up to LA so I hoped on the Subterranean,
jammed up the 5 to the 110 north(best part-like riding
through Bladerunner) to the 101 found great parking,
two lovely ladies and three little sandwhiches.

hungry like the wolf

what did you say?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


try this

flip the switch

Wish I had one of these. I think Shin-Ei or Maestro made something similar call the Psychedelic Mood Machine...


i'll drive

meeting of the minds

Have you heard the bootleg of their session? 1st cut on the
"Nashville Skyline" album is from it. One of my favorites.

what are you waiting for?

plans change

first mock-up for my pan. It didnt want to be built this way so...

Big Sound, Big Deal

Tha Nutz

Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Hot Models

your esteemed blogging braintrusts in their fine Knees In The Breeze and Drag Punk T's...wearing their favorite hats.

Oh the Shame of it all

Guess this is as good of a way for the lazy to hawk their goods/be faceless interweb heros to the cyber we're gonna do it to0, so you all can sit at home in your Superman Underroos, eat some Easy Mac, and check out crazy old crap.

We design and hand-print our, limited '60s and '70s chopper related shirts, etc, and will be selling them here as well as at Southern California area MC swapmeets/ stay tuned for our blogging bandwagon!
The shirts here are just a few of them, we'll be making them available to buy through a paypal store here on the blog as soon as we figure out how...until then contact us...