Monday, November 22, 2010


looks like the third weekend in december will be quite the two wheeled good time, what with our toy run and the release of TRON legacy. The original light cycle sequence in TRON really blew my youth mind and had a good deal to do with embedding motorcycles into my brain, that and the local chuck e cheese had the arcade version too.

dig this trailer

Plus Jeff Bridges is back. Mr. Bridges being one of our favorite actors here at the FMA rancho. Unless his co-star is Barbara Streisand of course. And if that werent enough there is a remake of True Grit starring Mr. Bridges, that i must see too. Big John Wayne fans over here as well!!!!

anyway here is the og lightcycle sequence if you've never seen it(gasp)
sorry if im turning into an ad agency here, but im just really stoked and havent been at the movies for quite some time.

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  1. Old Classic Tron Rules!....i hope they keep the same sound effect and the way they start the "bikes". check it out, first 10 seconds of old Tron video!
    aaaaand the eternal Biiiiiiiiig Jeff Lebowski Bridges is back!
    greetings from Brazil