Sunday, November 14, 2010

more mark

the real moral to the story is to get out there and BUILD YOUR OWN MOTORCYCLE!!!
love it or hate it, Mark built this one just the way he wanted...not for anyone else

click HERE for rhetoric from ignorant people...


  1. Someone should tell Paul Jr. about this bike, he could use it for his new Wal-Mart line! so sweet!

  2. Those dudes on the JJ need to shut the fuck up. If you read this Mark, your shit came out rad as hell... amazing work, stoked for you.

  3. The thing i don't get is how all these guys look at things like they have to "make sense" and "serve a purpose" like a motorcycle usually does. Most of the said guys probably haven't done much more with their hands than pull their front fender off and paint their tanks flat black. I think the bike is amazing and wouldn't change my opinion of the bike even if it was a giant paper weight and didn't work, i still think its one of the best representations of a show bike from an era that most of us are trying to emulate. That being said, "purpose served"

  4. bingo, plus Mark has about 4 or 5 bikes in his garage that he's built like his DAILY RIDER panhead. The only Car he owns is a chopped '40 Ford...

  5. "Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about places, small minds talk about people" - H.A. Rickover
    The bike is fine, damn fine. I very much admire the design and proportion. In addition fabrication is superb.
    For the haters: The small, pathetic, slimy beings devoid of skills, talent, vision, and ability of any kind; be gone with your nothingness. May your kind forever be banished to the eternal circle jerk of fellow ilk with soft hands and shallow souls.

  6. One of the Best bikes Yet ! this year , !.enough said