Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Manic Monday

 The other day at a little warehouse in Carson a bunch of old motorcycles got loaded into a container for a sea cruise.
Mark Drews' Solitary Confinement Pre-Unit...whoa.

Jeff Decker's Vincent
Ian "the Zombie" Barry's Triumph
Duane and his dual-ling Honda choppers
My shovel behind Dean's Pan, they look good together


  1. I know Duane! I miss them too! The weather has been perfect since we packed them up!!!Night time T-shirt riding November!

  2. If I were a motorcycle, I'd bone the hell out of that chromed pre-unit. Jesus Christ, that thing's sexy!

  3. I'll have to say Mark Drews has outdone himself with this pre-unit. This immaculate machine can hold a candle to any pre-unit rigid from the pages of Hot Rod Magazine, Cycle World, or Choppers Mag. The mini forks, front wheel, rim, spool selection cannot be duplicated, and that hand-sculpted lucite tank and scoops are off-the-chart. A sweepstakes winner in my book! Thanks for the pictures!

  4. Hey Grant Shige sent me this and thought I'd share: