Friday, November 19, 2010

work work work

i do have a day job. a busy one. gotta get this done by Xmas!
Got a new G12 Canon, so here's some stuff from around the shop today.

if you subscribe to Hot Rod Magazine you get my office on the cover with Bill Goldberg, if you don't subscribe there are pics of the shop inside the mag. beats a cubicle

The next project for Car Craft. We're gonna put in an Alston front clip and 1000hp twin turbo small block...chevy! it's already been backhalved and has a ton of tin work in it and a good cage.

How not to lift. Doug and Jeff do a butt to butt engine swap.

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  1. there are going to be mass mopar fan suicides when that project comes together.I love it turbos and small blocks go together like peas and carrots.