Saturday, November 20, 2010

Honda Chopper for Sale

Sweet, real deal, Honda chopper '71 CB450 DOHC twin that has a fully molded frame, REAL Murano pearl over the whole thing with candy orange ribbons and lime green pinstripe accents! The pearl is amazing and has a blue tint to it, not pink or red, it was hard to get it to show up in the pics, but they stopped selling real Murano in like '71! Twisted Z-bars, twisted struts, twisted railroad spike highway pegs, 6" dogbones, cocktail shakers, lots of extra chrome from stock! Extended frontend with crazy reverse bell tube covers that bell out at the exposed springs by the lower legs, never seen a setup like this! the CB450 dual leading shoe drum brake up front is actually a really good brake, guys seek these out for vintage road racing. Real nice diamond button tuck seat, glass ness style fender, glass frisco sporty tank. looks like there was a repair on the tank on the left side at some point. Kick & Electric start, lots of new electrical/ignition parts. Bates headlight. Has clean title and current Califonia registration. would need tires if you plan on riding it alot they are just old and dry. Will ship anywhere.
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