Saturday, July 25, 2009

In the Wind on a Friday night

One of my favorite David Mann paintings is "In the Wind On a Friday Nite" Its an early one that depicts a group of bikers cruing down PCH into malibu. the background is so simplistic and beauthiful. Anyway I have wanted to ride up to Malibu for quite sometime now and finally had a good reason to and a destination. Neptunes Net. The wingnuts rode out there last sunday and I missed out. The ride up at sunset was lane-splittingly sweet(no point making this drive with a car-or saddlebags), but it got cold for our return, but thanks to Frank Kaisler and the easyriders/inthewind mags he kicked down I was just fine. One article talked about stuffing your clothing with newspapers as insulation-thank you "Malibu Times"
they fish and chips there were amazing(i used to only eat the kind of fish that came in a yellow box), and you can get a tallboy of COORS!

On my way home I stopped at the A&Z nutwagon in East LA. Been coming here since I was a little kid. The best beef jerky ever! Bought a pound for swapmeet provisions. and sunflower seeds and honeyroasted almonds and ...So glad I have a sissy bar. How did I ever live without it?

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  1. Neptunes is the shizznit! Poon, bring some leftovers to the swap meet early am, i will be hungry