Saturday, July 25, 2009

things break when you ride them

rode out to the lbc to see Vagrant Vinny and the Instigators at Alex's, missed the show but saw a crazy fight. Met up with Beau on his sweet 72 CB 175. super low mileage cream puff. We hit the Pike just in time to see some old fat lady get real rowdy with one of the locals. The cholos in the apt. across the way were throwing rocks at her and then her keys got thrown on the roof. No ma'am i dont think i can get that for you. Would you believe Tommy's closes at 1am? How dare they. So off to the shore house in belmont. More drama. foxy drunk girls yelling at each other and showing everyone their panties. The baja chicken sandwhich there is quite amazing on the buttery croissant.
Why is my thigh cold and wet?

petcock broke. took a year to happen but it did. And we didnt catch fire! Dont make them like they used to, or i just made it too tight.

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