Friday, November 6, 2009

N.O.S. Gus' Shop shirts for sale

New Old Stock shirts for Gus' Shop, circa early 1980s. Same engine logo as some of the early to mid '80s Frisco Choppers stuff, maybe friends of theirs? all XLs but they fit more like larges. order thought our web store under vintage chopper tees. $45 each.

ALSO, i've dug up a few other sizes of NOS Frisco Choppers shirts that i put up in the store. there are a couple of larges and a few XLs that fit more like XLs.


  1. Gus still sells these in his shop.

  2. Hey Grant, This is Kevin...I'm a friend of Dominic's...could you please save me an xl frisco tee for me? Hopefully its black, thanks.

  3. Good to know Swellguy. I'd like to know more about his shop. I doubt he has any shirts left from 25 years ago though! These are all new old stock from the late '70s to '85 at best. I even have some packaged up from the screenprinter who also did the HA Are Americans Too shirts from back then.

    Kevin, i'll save a Frisco Shirt for you. Any friend of Dom's is a friend of mine.

  4. call the number on the shirt, its still the same. area code 604