Monday, April 26, 2010

fo sale

this tank is for Triumphs i believe, but could fit all similar bikes i guess-the parts dont know any better. It could use a light wetsand and reclear, and the chip could be fixed by glue-ing on some flake and brushing on model paint clear at the least

this Rupp has one of the Kik-Start units on it. Super Bad-ass. Why Pull a cord when you can Kik? From outer Space comes the space fender from mars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or Venus
the fender has some rust and crust but is real sweet and can be mounted on anything.

this here is an early Police Oil Tank. THAT IS SOLD!!!!!!!!!!

the later ones have a big ugly cap on them, not this guy!

Does not leak, but has a few dings dents.

Stuck on it is a sweet dealer sticker from Appleton Motorcycle Sales in Clarksville Tenn. It was printed with the reflective ink. Real cool.

they are still around apparently

the mount has had it if you were going to run it stock-like, but what you do is slice off the forward mounts and then slide the forward tank mount over and weld. Instant chopper coolness ala Avalon Bartender Extraordinaire and International Nowhere Man Of Mystery Gabe Griffin!!!
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