Sunday, March 7, 2010

meeting of the minds 1962

never before had so much kustom automotive genius been rounded up. Dig the large father showing some major class. Doesnt look like Wilhelm cares what George has gotta say, though


  1. I recogonize a few, but who can name them all, left to right?

  2. I'll give it a shot....

    L to R:
    George Barris
    Ed Roth
    Tex Smith
    Darryl Starbird
    Gene Winfield
    Dean Jeffries
    Joe Wilhelm

    I'm also going to guess that the interview was done at The Winternationals Car Show, in Pomona.

    All those guys (except Roth) were part of the Ford Custom Car Caravan - you can see the banner in the background-left. AMT model Co. had all those guys under license(again, not Roth, he was with Revell)as "custom consultants" for their model car kits.

    I think the only guys missing from that interview from the Ford CCC were the Alexander Bros.

  3. no, the guy with the microphone is not Tex smith, maybe Bill Neuman(R/C editor at teh time) or Budd "the Cat" Anderson, or just some interviewer type-o-guy and that is Bill Cushenbarry, not Jeffries. Cush was the man behind the El Matador and the Batmobile. One guy who certainly does not get his due, but what a craftsman. The Siluohette! and that is none other than Andy Southard Jr behind the camera to the right. jeez Rich it must be march, you be getting older!