Monday, March 22, 2010

FMA PARTS Announcement!

We have made a deal with our friend T-Bone to take over his special line of NOISE parts which include shallow velocity stacks, enrichener knobs, mid Brit gas caps and bungs, petcock bungs, and low rise narrow handlebars. T-Bone's day job has become too demanding to keep up with the parts orders and we're happy to have come to an agreement. All the best to T-Bone.

You can expect to still get the same great parts and quality associated with NOISE from FMA. We'll have gas caps and bungs, bars, and enrichener knobs int he store in a few days.

We'll have velocity stacks for Super E's hopefully in a few weeks, with L-series/Suber B, and Linkert in the near future.


  1. Those caps are real nice.What's the diameter? Grant- get a hold of me for our shirts. We are also planning to come out to your show in June and would like more info on it.

  2. Are those caps vented? What are the prices on these goodies?

  3. I dig the short velocity stacks.
    If you made one for an Uber D I would buy a couple.

  4. Those caps look great!
    Stoked for Scott too.