Friday, March 11, 2011

Sendai City

I woke up to texts wondering if we in California were ok and not having TV for a couple of years now i wondered why and the replys told me about the threat of a sunami from a huge quake in Japan. News to me! so i hoped my crappy blackberry would find it's way to the internet while i was lay in bed this moring and read about the 8.9 quake that rocked Sendai City.

i imediatley thought about all our friends in Japan which are mostly in the Tokyo area and then out west in Nagoya. Sent some emails to them and luckily everyone says they are fine so far, but as Gaku from Hogholic told me, the city is chaos right now. I asked Gaku if he knew of anything from Rikiya of Cosmic CHoppers up in Sendai City and am still waiting to hear. Riki is one of the few people i know up in that area along with Shop Sam's and i can only hope for their safety. I met him at this last years Yokohama show and we talked for a while about things before i gave him and the bike my STREET CHOPPER MAGAZINE pick.
Hang in there guys, and let us know if you need anything....

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