Friday, July 23, 2010

Grease Wheel

I grew up eating pizza from the Pie Pizzaria in Slat Lake City. It's a great hole in the wall place on the UofU campus in the basment of a phamacy. Open late, you can get slices, whole pizza, or calzones, etc. Amazingly good. Even the pizza Nazi herself, the QP, liked it even though it wasn't Chicago style.
Note my curly mop.


  1. God bless the Pie.
    Once on my birthday I was trying to smuggle a bottle of Jack in there so we could pass it around while we ate and enjoyed PBR on tap.
    Right as we were gettin' in the door it slipped out of my pant leg. The neck smashed off and sent shards of glass everywhere.
    My chick, who is way more punk than I could ever pretend to be, picked it up, carried it in under her shirt, then strained it through her t-shirt into a big plastic cup.
    It was fully consumed by the time we left.

    Pie sounds really good right now.

  2. Here is the real question..... How come none of us were invited?

  3. Andy! this was many moons ago. I moved from SLC new years eve of 2000.