Friday, July 30, 2010


Me and my 1950 FOrd sedan in front of my parent's house right after buying it. I was 18, it was 48.

THese are probably 1999. i was busy. Rebuilt the flathead and got busy with the sawzall and welder. it was my daily. Drove it to California, Vegas, Bakersfield.

My friend Mike Harrington and his '59 Buick. We were freezing our butts off in my parent's driveway after i rebuilt the 364 nailhead. Notice the snow.


  1. My girlfriend is 27, I am 40. She was into straight edge vegan-core metal while I was driving a '51 F-1 and playing in a Hillbilly band most weekends. It's really funny how people can arrive at the same place from totally different directions. But man, I really miss the time way back when the Rockabilly scene was still vibrant.

  2. 1998-99? Looks more like 1959.

  3. you were so fuckin` hot..........

  4. Damn.....I missed out on a cherry 50 ford back in the granmother bought it and over 30 years put on a whole 18k miles. Still smelled new when she died. Told my mom to get it shipped to me. Her and her brilliant brothers sold it for $500 to some local yokel! Boned again.....
    Love the look love the car.