Monday, August 2, 2010


Grants doin it so i guess i need to too! I got this '64 bird in 1997, it was a gloss black amateur resto that i proceeded to do some kustom bondo-work on, numerous shades of primer, 2 motor rebuilds and about 200,000 miles over a 7 year period with countless trips to "hot rods of norco" and Bobs Big Boy in Burbank. this was the final version when i was in the "Pedestrian Killers" with Dan Collins, just before i put a set of dual redline bias-plies on it. those are original Rader wheels too! Slit rear bumpers, shaved everything, flake roof, panama red fade over alcapulco gold base. After 7 years my girlfriend said it had to go. I told her she had to go sometime later. It has a good home now and looks totally different.
i love these cars and want another one bad. But with a hollywood top and charteuse flake. . .

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