Monday, August 9, 2010

Havin' a bitchin' summer

This summer has been amazingly perfect here in southern california! I know a bunch of you suckers everywhere else have been sweatin' like a two-dollar gun all summer, not us! It has been borderline cold in the mornings and evenings and cool during the day.

Well, anyway yesterday was a beautiful day for a ride and me, the Born Loser, and the Nash went for a putt and breakfast. Mike was on the Kneebreaker and Nash and i were on our shovels. good times.


  1. I took that exact same pic...Beautiful day!!

  2. Friend was in SF last weekend said it was 65 or colder and breezy at some concert in Berkley. As I sit now in Indy it is 95 at 7pm, 100% humidity and if it was possible to cram more moisture into the atmosphere I dont think it could be done. In fact, it so muggy and miserable I dread the thought of going out to work in the garage or even run to the liquor store. On a day like this I'd sure like to be in Cali. Jealous.