Tuesday, August 17, 2010

small salty world

So my dad went to Bonneville last weekend to check the action out with his neighbor Nick. It's probably been 20 years since he's been there and i know it's been 12 years since i've been there (50 anniversary). Lucky for us he snapped some pics and sent them to me.
He also said he met the guys from the Mooneyes trailer, but couldn't remember names. I went down the line of everyone i could think of, but nothing rang a bell. They said they knew me and it was great to meet him, even gave him some decals that he was gonna buy.
Sunday night my dad is telling me this, then i get and email from Toru with a picture and all it says is "look who i met today". Well, that explains it! Thanks Toru!

My dad in the AEE shirt and Nick to the right, phot by Toru

The picture of Toru my dad took!

You never see stock '41 Willys!


Brian Bass' duece framed, hemi powered Model A from Dallas

Desoto hemi powered '34 three window

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  1. Grant, hope ya don't mind but I posted up the pic of your dad in his AEE shirt on my AEE blog...thanks for the pictures, sweet stuff. I haven't been up there in a long time but it's a special place, except when the wind blows!