Wednesday, August 11, 2010

two of a kind

here is the 49 chevy on its last day at Santini's. Pete Santini is an industry legend and was kind enough to rent out a spot for me to do this job. If it wasn't for Pete, and his mentorship, this car would definetely not look as good as it does now. Next to the 49 is a 58 Impala that Pete did a few years back, the customer rear-ended someone and Pete had to blend all the candies and pearls back to look like nothing happend. Genius at work.

I've been working on this paintjob for quite sometime now and I am finally done. Signed, Sealed Delivered. It all started when my good friend Chris asked me if i knew anyone who could do a period 58-59 paintjob. . .


  1. Looks like a wonderful nod to Larry Watson's old car.
    A real beauty man.

  2. Too fucking cool. I used to have a buddy who built all of GM's SEMA cars, and Santini painted all of em. That guys is amazing. Your ride is sweet too!